Trees of Prophecy

Meetin 12

DM's Recap

With Aganazzor dead and a hundred armed soldiers nearby, the party had to act quickly. There were only two NPCs nearby: a soldier and the Yuan – Ti. They decided to intimidate the Yuan – Ti into dropping his weapons and surrendering. He was, however, unimpressed by their effort. He offered the party a piece of advice, “How about you just run away?”

They ran.

10 seconds later, the Yuan – Ti yelled for aid. The dragonborn had no chance of catching up.

The party ran to Zachariah and the wagon. Zachariah revealed that a scary tiefling had appeared at the wagon and cursed at him a lot. She went on about trouble at NARC (New Ak-Anon Research Center) and threatened Zachariah’s life if he didn’t relay the message.

The party returned to NARC. Zachariah freaked out when the party was greeted by demons, but everyone gave him some suggestions on how to stay safe: stay in the wagon, don’t insult the demons’ mothers, don’t say anything, and don’t go in any holes. It seemed simple enough and Zachariah was calmed.

The party went into Elvira’s tower and saw her behind a desk, writing something on paper. She explained that she had figured out how to use the Temple of Change to alter creatures… That was the good news. The bad news was that the experiments had kind of backfired on her and the temple had been overrun by altered humans, angels, and Alejandros Jodorowski (the dwarf who had tried to arrest the party twice already). She needed the party to clear the temple out in exchange for the ability to use the Temple when it was clear as well as a large stipend.

The party agreed to do this if Elvira would agree to contact the High Priest, tell him that Aganazzor was dead, and try to find Duamerbrax’s whereabouts. She agreed.

Maldora explained that they had killed Aganazzor because he would not return her love and run away with her. Celthalion agreed that Aganazzor had broken Maldora’s heart and that he had to die. Elvira sympathized.

When asked where she got the test subjects, Elvira responded that she had resurrected a few of the Zanthian troops who had the audacity to come to NARC and attempt to arrest her.

When asked what sort of alterations had been made, she explained that she had to use what she had available: eyes, mouths, and plasma from the gibbering mouther; scales and acid from the black dragon; and various parts of a couple aberrations she had encountered in her journeys into dark places. The human and angel experiments were fairly successful, but the dwarf had grown too large and had popped out of his cage.

The party brought one of Elvira’s tieflings to man a cannon. The cannon was placed at the door of the citadel and pointed inward.

The party went forth into the temple to find that the angels’ wings and flesh were ruined and half-dissolved by acid. The humans possessed mouths all along their arms as well as translucent, gooey bodies. The dwarf was 15’ in diameter, covered in fat and slime. His arms had been replaced by giant tentacles. His eyes were now on stalks. His mouth had become large enough to eat an entire leg in one bite.

When the party saw the dwarf, they attacked. The tiefling hit Alejandros with the cannon ball, but his fat absorbed it.

Alejandros cursed them for doing this to him and warned that Ivoxam would hear of this atrocity.

The fight was brutal. The humans had gained the power to create mouths on their enemies. These mouths would bite their host. At one point, Alejandros picked Gias up, placed Gias’s entire torso in his mouth, and bit him. Gias contracted Filth Fever, everything in the world smelled awful to him and he vomited constantly.

The fight ended when Maldora choked one of the humans and threw him into a wall near the entry way, killing him instantly. As the human issued its death shriek, a mouth formed on the tiefling cannoneer, bit him, and killed him.

Disgusted, the party stormed up to Elvira, who had just finished a conversation with the High Priest in the Comm Tower. Maldora shrieked at Elvira for sending them into such a disgusting fight. Gias told Elvira that she should only use willing subjects in the future. Elvira thought that might be a safer bet, should things go awry again.

Elvira told the party that the High Priest was coming to NARC to congratulate them on their success against Aganazzor. She also told them that they were free to use the Temple, if they had enough residuum.

They waited for the High Priest, who arrived three days later on the back of the White Dragon that the party took from Zanthia so long ago. The High Priest came with the Oracle.

When he dismounted, he congratulated the party and revealed that he had big plans for this new part of Silsarcia. He had political goals that he wanted to achieve and new lands to rule… He talked for a minute or two before being interrupted.

“What about the Temple at Il’ Mendrash? Someone needs to defend it so the Zanthians don’t get it!”

“What about Thor’s Point? You said you’d help bring back our fallen friends.”

“Has any progress been made restoring my monastery?”

“Il’ Mendrash needs defense so Umbar doesn’t reclaim it.”

The High Priest smiled. He said that he was appointing a powerful ruler to govern New Silsarcia. Someone whose authority would be unquestioned. Someone who was loyal to Silsarcia.

The party interrupted, “Elvira???”

The High Priest said no, it was the Oracle.

Shrieking and waving fingers about wildly, the Oracle thanked the party for what they had done to secure Il’ Mendrash and the surrounding lands for Silsarcia. She declared that the party would rule Il’ Mendrash and the surrounding lands (including Thor’s Point) since the party had proven that they had the skill, drive, and loyalty required of rulers.

She gave them a scroll that would allow them to resurrect all those who had fallen at Thor’s Point. They would be as they were before the attacks, although they might be afflicted with nightmares and some Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of being killed by a weapon of such evil and power. She said that the fortification and defense of the area now fell upon them.

The High Priest informed them that he had vast resources coming up from Silsarcia to aid them in fortifying and rebuilding the area. He informed them that they would now work directly for the Oracle, Duchess of New Silsarcia.

The High Priest and the Oracle hopped atop the dragon and flew to Eiden’s Roost, Aganazzor’s old capital. They had to quell any rebellions and assert the authority of Silsarcia over the area. They left.

Maldora and Gias approached Elvira after the High Priest had left and discussed the possibility of using the Temple. After talking about it, Gias spent his fortune on changing his head to be like that of a wolf. He gained a powerful War Howl that would terrify foes. Maldora spent most of her fortune growing an additional head, that of a black dragon. She gained a powerful bite as well as the ability to spit poison.

The party marched to Thor’s Point to begin the ritual.

The scorched lands around Thor’s Point had begun to bloom with twisted and alien plants. The great scar in the earth that was created by the Fatebearer had filled with sap. Sap overflowed, soaking the ground for many yards beyond the hole itself.

A couple twisted creatures (Grells) descended upon the party as they approached the center of Thor’s Point. The party was victorious and began preparations to restore their friends and family.



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