Trees of Prophecy

Meeting 1

DM's Recap

The party was awoken by Lord Samael who was clearly agitated by how late they were sleeping. He told the party to get ready and get downstairs for breakfast. Captain of the Guard, Drake Aelarin, Isabel Moonbow-Aelarin, and Chillon Fatebearer were awaiting the heroes.

At breakfast, Drake Aelarin bestowed his finest gloves upon his son, Xander.

After breakfast, Lord Samael led the party to an overlook behind his mansion and began telling them the directions to Freyr’s Basin, where The Tournament was being held this year. Lord Samael got distracted talking about one time when he got lost in the woods… Celthalion spaced out and recalled a meeting he had at the ruins of Il’ Mendrash four days ago…

At the ruins of Il’ Mendrash, Bheilorveilthion the Crimson visited Celthalion in a dream. Bheilorveilthion, creator of the dragonborn, told Celthalion that if Celthalion was truly going to understand the nature of the dragonborn and his own nature, he should seek answers about the past. Particularly, Bheilorveilthion told Celthalion to learn about Bheilorveilthion and about Bheilorveilthion’s “creator.”

Upon waking, Celthalion saw a suit of reddish armor upon the ruined altar. The armor bore the Great Claw of Bheilorveilthion. Celthalion took the armor and information and returned to Thor’s Point.

... Celthalion snapped back into the present just in time to hear Lord Samael finish a story about poking a sleeping hill giant in the nose.

The party started walking back to the center of town so that they could be honored members of a parade…

On the way to the well, three figures in dark robes approached the party from the shadows. The figure in the front spoke up, saying “Gias Marcallas! We have come for you.” The person revealed herself to be Lady Olivia, Pack Mother of Gias’ order. Lady Olivia thanked Gias for being a noble and valuable member of the Order of Acna and proceeded to fully ordain him as a Brother within the cult. She bestowed upon him The Great Wolf’s Symbol of Hope, a holy relic from the monastery.

The Pack Mother and Brothers departed, returning to the monastery. The party continued through the parade.

After the parade, the party arrived at the Cave of Trials, where they usually trained for The Tournament. Lord Samael wished them well and departed.

From the shadows Chillon Fatebearer beckoned her daughter Maldora. Chillon tried one final time to convince Maldora not to go to The Tournament and participate in human games. Failing that, Chillon told her daughter to try to kill any human she was facing in The Tournament.

Chillon gave Maldora a book written by Abelard Fatebearer, entitled “Concerning the Dark Ones.” It is an evil tome, bound in the skin of eight humans and penned with their blood. Abelard stored all of his research about demons, devils, and other denizens of the lower planes within this spellbook.

The party then continued through the Cave of Trials, faring well.

When they had finished defeating several Iron Serpents, made by Braxx Braxxson of BraxTech Machinations, the party heard a loud, horrible shriek. The very mountain shook and quaked.

Escaping the Cave of Trials, the party returned to Thor’s Point...

Everyone was dead; their bodies covered in burns and boils; their clothes and possessions were piles of ash. All of the buildings were ash and rubble. All of the leaves, grasses, flowers, and trees were piles of dust. In the center of town, along the main road, was a chasm: 50’ long, 5’ wide, and 20’ deep. The earth within the chasm was charred black.

Within the chasm, at the bottom, the party found half a pound of a rare, enchanted metal. Although they could not identify the metal or be certain of its significance, they believed that it was used to target some sort of terrible weapon…

With nothing left for them in Thor’s Point, the party departed for Freyr’s Basin and The Tournament.



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