Trees of Prophecy

Meeting 11

DM's Recap

Feeling somewhat bad about ridiculing and beating Zachariah, Gias and Xander talked to him about what he had been through and what had happened to Gias’s father. Through the conversation, Zachariah revealed that Aganazzer had recently poisoned the entire populous of Freyr’s Basin. The place had become a graveyard.

Although somewhat disheartened that they had not moved quickly enough to save Freyr’s Basin, the party marched onward to Il’ Mendrash.

The party left the wagon (along with Zachariah and some guards) a few miles outside the ruins.

The party began marching to the ruins, along with 13 of their soldiers. Celthalion saw some dragonborn scouts hiding in the bushes. When the party got close enough, Celthalion stood tall and exclaimed “Come forth from the bushes! We mean you no harm.”

The dragonborn soldiers came forth, but kept their weapons sheathed. Celthalion and Maldora talked to the soldiers about wanting to speak with Aganazzer. After a bit of discussion, Celthalion convinced the guards to escort them to Aganazzer at once.

The soldiers led the party to Aganazzer’s camp, on the outskirts of Il’ Mendrash. The camp housed around 200 soldiers. These soldiers were preparing cannons and catapults with burning oil. They were pointing them toward the heart of Il’ Mendrash. The party was brought to a small camp with a bonfire and some roasting meat. They were told to make themselves comfortable while the soldier informed Aganazzer of their arrival.

The party sat, ate, and talked until the soldier came back, disheartened and a little scared. He reported that Aganazzer refused to leave his current position at this time, for he was busy. Aganazzer did, however, invite the party to the temple for a parley. Celthalion glared at the soldier. The soldier cowered and Gias called for Celthalion to stop staring at the soldier for it was not the soldier’s fault.

Everyone agreed that going to meet Aganazzer was a good choice, so they went.

Celthalion knew the way to the temple, for it was where he would often come to pray before Aganazzer destroyed Thor’s Point. It was about two miles from their current position. On the way, the sky changed from clear to black. Rain poured. Lighting struck several places near the altar. After about 20 minutes, the lightning stopped, the rain stopped, and the sky cleared again.

The party approached the altar and noticed Aganazzer sitting on the altar. Two soldiers stood nearby as well as a Yuan Ti. The charred remains of several dragonborn lay around the altar. The altar itself was also charred.

Aganazzer looked exhausted, but lifted his head to look at the party. He greeted them. The party introduced themselves, but did not disclose that they had come from Thor’s Point. They told Aganazzer that they had been sent by the High Priest of Silsarcia to make him answer for his crimes.

Aganazzer’s response was long, but he told them that Silsarcia did not understand his cause. He said that the Silsarcians claimed to be trying to free the Elder Gods, but they were not willing to make the necessary sacrifices. Aganazzer had sacrificed. Aganazzer had fought. Silsarcia had talked. Silsarcia had schemed and plotted, but with no results. Aganazzer had undone the bindings on this temple, the Great Temple of Acna.

The party was confused. They had not learned about any bindings or many of the other things Aganazzer mentioned. So, Aganazzer explained the situation to them…

For a long time, Umbar the Great Tree tended to the lands of the Western Continent alone. There were many flora and fauna, but he was the only mighty creature. He preserved the lands and made the flourish.

Everything was good for Umbar. Until creatures from the stars beyond the world took notice of the lands he had created and descended from the Void to pillage, burn, and destroy his paradise. Umbar was mighty and was able to destroy all of the creatures he encountered. Unfortunately, he was only one creature and could only be in one place. Vast expanses of the continent were ruined by these creatures because he could not defend against them all.

Using Supernal, the language of creation, Umbar the Great Tree created the Elder Gods (Acna the Wolf, Eiden the Eagle, Psil the Serpent, and Ulrach the Spider) to help him defend the lands from these invaders. Eiden defended the skies, Acna and Psil defended the earth, and Ulrach descended deep beneath the earth.

Umbar taught some of the High Speech to the Elder Gods, but withheld much of it so that the Elder Gods would not grow too powerful. The Elder Gods were able to repel these invaders.

Eventually, when the original humanoids (who are rumored to have had four arms and to have been diminutive) emerged on the eastern continent, Eiden flew over the Dividing Sea to see them. He wanted to show them the lands of the West and so he carried many of them on his back and flew to the Western Continent.

Upon reaching the Western Continent, the humanoids were lost. They had no shelter, they had no knowledge of the lands, and they had no way to live.

Acna guided them to the fair lands of the continent and taught them to take shelter within nature. Acna taught them what foods could be eaten and many other things.

The humanoids survived, with Acna’s help.

Psil wanted to help the humanoids and teach them the lore he had learned, but Umber had forbidden teaching any of the High Speech to the humanoids. Psil went against Umbar’s decree and taught a limited amount of the High Speech to them anyway and the humanoids became powerful and proud. With Psil’s aid, they were able to create powerful tools and machines that could do impossible things. They created machines of Changing. They created machines of Communication. They created machines of Teleportation and Enchantment and even machines that could alter the flow of time.

Umbar, angered by Psil’s disobedience and also by the humanoids’ arrogance, destroyed many of the humanoids’ creations (with Eiden’s help). He also forbade Psil from communicating with the humanoids.

Psil was displeased, but obeyed for a while. The humanoids had learned from him, but he had learned from them, too. Psil began using the High Speech to alter the birds and beasts of the lands, creating crossbreeds and new species.

His finest work was the Dragons, a cross between the Eagles and the Serpents and his finest dragon was Bheilorveilthion the Crimson. He taught Bheilorveilthion most of what he knew of the High Speech and Bheilorveilthion became as powerful as the other Elder Gods.

After creating the Dragons and many other beasts, Psil began experimenting on the humanoids. He was able to create the Psilons in his image. He taught the other Elder Gods how to create humanoids in their images, and they did.

Upon hearing of these things, even Ulrach emerged from her deep chasms to create some servants in her image. This was the only time Ulrach emerged from the Depths in known history.

Umbar sensed that his relative power was waning and that the other Elder Gods, along with their creations, could rise up against him.

Fearful, Umbar made a band of humans mighty and like gods themselves. Umbar charged them with capturing the Elder Gods and imprisoning them beneath the earth in exchange for immortality and immeasurable power. The humans accepted. These men and women became the members of the Norse Pantheon.

A great war was wage and in the end, the Elder Gods were trapped beneath the earth. Umbar rooted himself deep into the earth and let his roots pierce all corners of the land. In order to keep the Elder Gods imprisoned, he had to connect himself to the most powerful of the ley lines in the land.

Umbar ordered the Norse Gods to climb his trunk and live above the world, in the clouds. They obliged.

Aganazzer finished his history lesson and explained that they were all about to be under attack by Umbar’s servants…

Maldora developed a huge crush on Aganazzer.

Shortly thereafter, legions of plantfolk emerged from the ground and threatened to overtake the camp. Had the party not been there, they would have surely succeeded.

After the fight, Aganazzer thanked them for their help.

The party and Aganazzer debated about whether freeing the Elder Gods justified killing thousands of innocent people. Aganazzer said it was totally worth it and that without the Fatebearer, the Great Tree’s roots could not be broken. The party asked Aganazzer how Silsarcia was able to undo the bindings on their temple, but Aganazzer did not know. The party was split about what to do, for they agreed that freeing the Elder Gods was vastly important.

Sensing that her friends were about to kill Aganazzer, Maldora offered him a choice: He could run away with her and be her love, her first male love at that, or he could die.

Eventually, the other party members made Aganazzer agree that if they should find a method to free the Elder Gods without massive slaughter, he must consider it. Aganazzer agreed, but was doubtful that they would find anything. He was also doubtful that he would survive this day since he had exhausted himself twice (once to break the bindings and once during the battle) and the party had revealed that they were from Thor’s Point. So Aganazzer gave his ritual book to the party, telling them to go and undo the bindings themselves if they didn’t like his methods. It was his way of keeping the mission going, even after his soon-to-be untimely death.

The party thanked him for the book and swore that they would try to find a less catastrophic way of freeing the Elder Gods.

Celthalion was not pleased, though. Celthalion raised his axe and declared that Aganazzer must answer for his crimes. Aganazzer had killed everyone that the party knew and he had killed thousands of other people at Freyr’s Basin. His crimes must be punished and Celthalion would do it.

The party slew Aganazzer.

The meeting ended.



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