Trees of Prophecy

Meeting 13

(DM's Recap)

The party began by performing the ritual to bring back all of the fallen denizens of Thor’s Point. Once alive again, many of the townsfolk began shielding themselves with their hands and screaming. After a minute or two, they realized that they were no longer being killed and calmed down a bit.

When people had composed themselves, Xander told them to all gather in a circle near where the party was standing so that they could be told what was going on. People were somewhat taken aback my Xander’s tail, Maldora’s extra head, and the strange wolf-man who was present. After Xander finished explaining what had happened, the townsfolk were a bit more understanding.

It was suggested that everyone move into the Cave of Trials since it would provide shelter from the elements. Additionally, there was a small supply of food in there that the townsfolk would hopefully hold the townsfolk over until supplies arrived from Silsarcia.

Gias was reunited with Lady Olivia. And although she didn’t know what to make of his new wolf visage, she was happy to see him and grateful for all that he had done to bring her back. Gias told her that she would be the keeper of the new temple of Acna when it was rebuilt at Il’ Mendrash and she was glad.

Xander was reunited with his parents. And although they didn’t know what to think of his tail, they were happy to see him and grateful for all that he had done to bring them back. They were quite relieved when Xander told them that he had saved Zachariah from a crime lord and that Zachariah would arrive at Thor’s Point in a couple days.

Maldora was reunited with Chillon. She was irritated that Maldora hadn’t come to find her sooner; she had been waiting for almost an hour! Although Chillon did not thank Maldora or express any concern for her wellbeing, Chillon did give Maldora another of her father’s books: Concerning the Worlds Beyond.

That evening, Lord Samael and Braxx Braxxson talked with the party about the situation. Everyone agreed that moving the town to Il’ Mendrash was probably the best option since they were charged with rebuilding the temple there anyway. The party wanted to go find and stop Duamerbrax, but agreed that they should stay with the townsfolk until supplies arrived.

Braxx explained that he had surveyed the area and had found a few issues that the party would need to resolve before they could continue rebuilding. Il’ Mendrash was still inhabited by some dragonborn soldiers, several miners were trapped in the Black Iron mines, and his workshop was overrun by clockwork horrors (including the party’s favorite Iron Cobras).

The party set off at once to free the miners. In the mines, they noticed that a large chasm had been opened (probably by the Fatebearer’s blast). They decided not to explore it and pressed deeper into the mines, looking for the miners. When they reached the end of the path, large firelashers assaulted them.

After searching for a while, the party found the miners hiding in a small branch of the mines along with a large cart of recently-mined Black Iron. The party sent the miners off to town and said they had business to deal with.

Although burned and blistered, the party decided to head immediately to Il’ Mendrash and hopefully catch Aganazzer’s soldiers in their sleep.

Upon arriving at Il’ Mendrash, the party saw that the number of remaining tents had been greatly reduced. The dragonborn who remained seemed more concerned with looting the ruins than with fortifying the area from Umbar or Zanthian goons.

Xander snuck into a tent and removed weapons and armor from the sleeping soldiers while they slept.

Maldora, claimed that she was going to look for scouts.

Celthalion and Gias hung back since they were wearing heavy armor that made sneaking nearly impossible.

Having convinced the party of her noble intentions, Maldora actually snuck into a tent and killed a sleeping soldier. When asked about it later, she convinced everyone that she had the soldier was a scout and had been ready to attack her.

The scream of agony awoke the rest of the camp and a large battle ensued.

After the fight, Celthalion acquired an Enhanced Shield of Bashing off of the captain.

Everyone was getting ready to start pilfering the holy goods from the fallen soldiers’ camp, but Gias protested… The meeting ended mid debate.



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