Trees of Prophecy

Meeting 14

DM's Recap

The party began in the ruins of Il’ Mendrash. Gias and Xander decided to give the holy relics they had reclaimed from the dragonborn, Maldora and Celthalion decided to pawn theirs off.

After searching the ruins, Maldora acquired a heap of residuum from the remains of the altar that Aganazzor had disenchanted…

Then they saw the statue, a 15’ tall bronze statue of Aganazzor dying atop a heap of fallen plant creatures. The members of the party and the Yuan Ti were all present. The members of the part looked like they were lamenting Aganazzor’s demise while Aganazzor was handing them his ritual book.

The party decided to leave the statue alone, although they were confused about its meaning.

Everyone decided to go back to Thor’s Point to deal with the citizens, except Celthalion, who decided to stay at Il’ Mendrash and look for further spiritual guidance from Bheilorveilthion.

Upon returning to Thor’s Point, the party met with Lord Samael and Braxx Braxxson. The party told Samael that 50+ tents and food enough for a few weeks were available at Il’ Mendrash now. Samael was pleased and ordered the citizens of Thor’s Point to prepare to depart to Il’ Mendrash immediately.

Braxx spoke up to the party, saying “Great work ye’ did at the mine and at Il’ Mendrash, but I’ve still got Iron Cobras overrunning my workshop!”

After talking it over a bit, the party decided to go down and clear Braxx’s workshop of cobras.

The workshop was a huge, underground factory containing 9 layers: storage / storefront, alchemy lab, library, sleeping quarters, kitchen / eatery, workshop, holding cells, giant gears, and a machine that was powered by those gears.

The party descended through all the layers until they reached the giant gears. The gears were still. The room was a chasm, though, and from the gears, the party could not see the bottom. After they had progressed along a few of the gears, a helmed horror and a couple homonculi advanced on them and attacked. The helmed horror flipped a switch, which set all of the gears in motion. A fight ensued atop the spinning gears and the party emerged victorious.

Once the creations were dead, the party descended into the final room. This room contained a broken machine, which seemed to use the power of the gears for some unknown purpose.

The party harvested some residuum from the corpses of the homonculi. When the party returned to the surface, Braxx greeted them. He was dismayed about the state of his workshop and decided to stay behind to rebuild. Apparently, the party’s delay had cost his workshop dearly.

Braxx did bestow upon Xander a set of armored tail spikes before descending into the depths with his son.

The party returned to Il’ Mendrash with Lord Samael and the rest of the townsfolk.

They decided that they wanted to confront Duamerbrax, even though they did not know where he was, but they realized that they should stay with the townsfolk until reinforcements and supplies arrived.

Two days passed and the reinforcements came, led by the Bearded Psilon Sal, Master of Importing and Exporting. The High Priest of Silsarcia had appointed Sal to lead the envoy and Sal decided to stay at Il’ Mendrash with the party to act as the Master of Trade.

He sold Gias a spell that would allow him to speak to the fallen dragonborn. With that, Gias planned to find Duamerbrax’s location…



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