Trees of Prophecy

Meeting 15

DM's Recap

The party was discussing using dark necromancy to speak to the dead and find Duamerbrax… Near Sal’s wagon. Sal, who was the master of dark necromancy (but only between 2 and 4 am), was eager to help.

He mentioned that Duamerbrax had a small army with him (and a dragon). The party would need some extra help or they would surely perish. Fortunately, Sal had just the thing and this thing was free (at least for a while).

Sal took the party around to the back of the wagon and warned them that what he was about to reveal was a foul, cruel, malicious creature who lived for battle. A being that lusted for carnage. A being who would gnaw your knees off while you were sleeping just to hear you scream…

He revealed a 3.5’ tall cage, covered in a black sheet. The being snarled. When he whisked the sheet away, a gnome was standing in the cage, dressed in full plate armor, weilding a mace and a shield. It snarled. It drooled. It hissed.

Sal revealed that this creature was called Ms. Snarls and would help them in their quest to defeat Duamerbrax. He warned the party not to feed the beast anything but raw flesh, for it was ill-tempered.

Xander mentioned that Sal have oversold the gnome, but Sal knew better and just chuckled to himself. “Watch out for your knees” was his only response.

Overhearing the commotion, Corporal Scale, high commander of the Il’ Mendrash division of the Holy Army of Silsarcia, came over to see what was going on.

Sal revealed Ms. Snarls to him. Ms. Snarls snarled.

After some small talk, the party decided to begin the necromantic ceremony. Gias led the ceremony and Maldora assisted.

When Gias finally summoned the spirit forth from the body (using Sal’s Speak with Dead), the spirit said “Woah, man! Who are you? Where am I? Do you have anything to eat? I got the munchies bad…”

Gias told the ghost that the ghost was supposed to be answering questions, not asking them. The ghost vaguely understood and told Gias to ask his question.

Gias asked “Do you know the location of Duamerbrax and his troops?”

The ghost, being more cooperative now, responded in an eerie voice… “Yes! OOOOOOOh!” And he disappeared.

Gias shook his head, “well, that was the last of my money. Can anyone spot me for more components so we can try again?”

Xander spotted him the money.

Gias and Maldora performed the necromantic ritual again. This time the ghost said “Woah! It’s you again! What do you want?”

Gias responded: “Where is Duamerbrax?”

Ghost responded: “Freyr’s Basin.”

Gias: “What is Duamerbrax’s next target?”

Ghost: “Odin’s Navel. It’s east of Thor’s Point and north of Freyr’s Basin.”

Gias: “Thank you.”

Gias released the spirit so that it could continue on its way to the afterlife.

The party was discussing various tactis and strategies, Corporal Scale offered to bring half a dozen troops to the battle…

Meanwhile, Maldora noticed that all of the dragonborn corpses had become infested with maggots.

She used the Dark Speech to create a Hive Mind from the maggots. She commanded them to follow her and take the shape of Gias Marcalles. The maggots tried to climb atop each other and move like a drippy humanoid with a wolf’s head.

The rest of the party didn’t really notice.

They set out to Odin’s Navel, trying to head Duamerbrax off before he arrived at his destination…

The party explained to Ms. Snarls and C. Scale that they were pursuing the Fatebearer, a weapon that was used to destroy their home town as well as several other towns in Zanthia. They explained that the weapon was triggered by someone being killed by a specific ritual dagger. Once the victim died, the weapon would destroy everything in a 5 mile radius.

Xander was able to find a secret path through the woods that allowed them to get in front of Duamerbrax and his troops… They saw that Duamerbrax had 25 troops and a white dragon with him.

After some strategizing, it was decided that Celthalion would infiltrate the group and try to get the ritual daggers from Duamerbrax.

Celthalion dawned Xander’s scorcher’s cloak and ran forth to meet Duamerbrax. Seeing his cloak, they did not engage him.

Celthalion explained that Aganazzer had fallen. He explained that they were continuing his work. He explained many things and the dragonborn believed every word of it. They accepted him as one of their own and were honored that he would join them.

Although Celthalion was denied the honor of killing himself to trigger the weapon, Duamerbrax granted him the honor of killing any Zanthians who escaped the blast.

This was when Celthalion glimpsed the weapon for the first time. It was a massive statue of a four-headed chimera made from some strange, silvery, shimmering metal. The same metal from which the daggers were made. The chimera had two lion heads, a spider head, and a human skull head.

Eventually, Celthalion signalled the party and they emerged from the woods. Celthalion yelled that the party must have followed him and that they were hunting him. Duamerbrax declared that he would avenge Celthalion and Aganazzer.

Battle ensued.

Near the end, Maldora had her swarm of maggots try to suffocate the dragon by climbing down its nose and throat. The dragon was coughing, bleeding, and near death…

Maldora and Ms. Snarls threatened the dragon, promising to call the maggots off and let the dragon live if the dragon would join their cause. If the dragon refused, they promised to make the dragon endure an unimaginably slow, shameful death.

The dragon accepted the terms of surrender and promptly fainted.

Ms. Snarls named the dragon Fluffy.

Celthalion and Corporal Scale negotiated the terms of an alliance between the remaining troops and the party.

With a dragon and 25 warriors, the party began their return to Il’ Mendrash…



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