Trees of Prophecy

Meeting 16

DM's Recap

Upon the party’s return to Il’ Mendrash, Lord Samael Blackthorn ran out to greet them with a large scroll in his hands. He looked concerned.

He explained to the party that His Holiness, Ivoxam, High Priest of the Church of the All-Father had ordered a holy war against the members of the party and their unholy fortress of paganism. He and his holy army had already departed Queensport.

Lord Samael began reading the charges, but the party stopped him, thinking they had heard all of them. They joked, “Being a demon… Consorting with demons… Worshipping false gods… Corruption of the youth… etc., etc..”

They debated about what to do… The main point of contention concerned whether to use The Fatebearer. Gias wanted to dismantle the weapon or to threaten with it, but never actually use it. Xander didn’t want to use it for fear that there might be a lot of innocent people caught within the 5 mile blast, but thought that it should be kept to deter attackers. Celthalion, Corporal Scale, and Ms. Snarls thought that they should use the weapon.

The other topic of conversation was how best to fortify the city with the time and resources they had available.

While most of the party was discussing the morality of the situation and how to fortify the city, Maldora crept off to find her mother who was hiding in the darkest of shadows that could be found mid-day in an open field. When Maldora explained what The Fatebearer looked like, Chillon fainted. Maldora was rather upset about this and started screaming and hitting her mother to rouse her. After some time, Chillon awoke. Maldora asked, “what? Does the statue look like dad or something?” Chillon just babbled a bit and avoided the question. When she had recovered her wits, Chillon asked to see the statue. Upon seeing it, she fainted again. Maldora was eventually able to rouse Chillon again, but Chillon wouldn’t talk about the statue… Except to say that they needed to use it to destroy humans. Chillon said that she could get a victim to kill himself and that they could destroy the human army without the approval of the rest of the party! Maldora was almost ready to get the sacrificial daggers when she realized that Xander Drake Aelarin had all of the daggers on his body for safekeeping.

Maldora, currently without sacrificial daggers, returned to try to convince the party to use the weapon. An accord was eventually reached: the party would send a messanger and warn the approaching army to turn back. If the army did not turn back or surrender, the party would use the weapon to destroy them.

After some discussion, the party ordered the construction of two guard towers and a wall to help stand against Ivoxam’s armies.

They realized that they did not know many things about the weapon: how long was the recharge time? How long did it take to fire once the dagger had killed someone? What was the trigger? The party decided to consult the expert: Elvira Fatebearer.

Since time was of the essence, teleportation was necessary. Fortunately, Sal was around to facilitate their teleportation needs… For a price.

Everyone was teleported to the New Ak’Anon Research Center (NARC) for a meeting with Elvira Fatebearer. They had questions, she gave them answers. The recharge time was about a week. The trigger was a “command word.” Since Duamerbrax was a dullard, the command word had been set to “Duamerbrax.” After death, the weapon would fire as long as the command word was spoken within 15 seconds of death.

A long debate ensued about the best way to trigger the weapon after the knife had killed… Eventually, it was decided that Maldora would bring The Fatebearer to NARC and that Elvira would use scrying to determine when the command word needed to be uttered. Once the weapon fired, Maldora would teleport back to Il’ Mendrash and join the others should a battle ensue.

While she had the chance, Maldora asked Elvira about the chimera… She said that she knew something was up, her mother had fainted upon seeing the statue, Elvira had a painting of the chimera over her desk, and no one wanted to talk about it. Maldora asked, “is it dad or something? Just tell me.” Elvira just looked away and said she would not speak of the matter. Maldora fumed.

The party teleported back to Il’ Mendrash but was waylaid within the Ethereal Plane by some foulspawn. The foulspawn were easily dispatched and they appeared in Il’ Mendrash.



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