Trees of Prophecy

Meeting 17

Ivoxam and an army of 1,200 Zanthian soldiers were marching toward Il’ Mendrash. They would arrive in two days.

The party had made all the preparations they could, given their available time and resources. The were prepared to stand and fight alongside their force of 300 psilon, human, and dragonborn soldiers; old adventurers from Thor’s Point; a swarm of demonic maggots; and Fluffy the dragon.

Maldora took The Fatebearer to Elvira. The party in Il’ Mendrash sent a messanger forth with one of the daggers required to activate The Fatebearer.

Elvira began the scrying ritual and saw the messanger approach the Zanthian army. He told Ivoxam, “Il’ Mendrash and the surrounding lands belong to Silsarcia. You are not welcome here, turn back or die!”

Ivoxam rode forth and said, “By Odin and the gods of my lands, we shall reach Il’ Mendrash. We do not answer to you or your dark masters. They have a list of transgressions longer than I care to read at the moment and their day is coming. Surrender, messanger, and you will live.”

The messanger said, “you were warned.” He messanger pulled out the enchanted dagger, plunged it into his heart, and died in front of Ivoxam and the Zanthian armies.

Elvira and Maldora, seeing what had transpired, uttered “Duamerbrax.” The Fatebearer glowed and their vision of the far-off plain went dark.

The party in Il’ Mendrash saw, from miles away, the skies grow dark and sickly purple clouds begin to swirl in the skies. There was a flash of light, the ground shook, and then a miles-wide column of darkness.

The darkness clung to the land for half an hour. The party in Il’ Mendrash was concerned. When their home was destroyed, there was no lingering darkness…

When it cleared, Maldora and Elvira were once again able to see the land. Just like in Thor’s Point, the land had a huge trench that had been carved into the ground by the weapon.

Unlike what happened in Thor’s Point, shards of the earth and were floating in the air, some of them spinning slowly. Strange plant life had immediately sprung from the ground, some of it looked more like tentacles than normal plants. Some of the plants moved on their own and looked more like tentacles than grasses.

The army had been obliterated. Only blackened piles of ash remained.

Content that her work in NARC was complete, Maldora teleported back to Il’ Mendrash with The Fatebearer.

She relayed the events to the rest of the party. They were bothered about the side effects of using the weapon and worried about what it meant. Thor’s Point did not have these immediate changes. Wanting a report, they sent a scout to the area. Then, they waited and talked about the situation.

The scout returned a day later. The party could see that something was off from a great distance. The scout and his horse were trailed by a smoky darkness. The horse’s eyes dripped blood, its fur had become patchy and thin.

The scout himself looked half-alive. His skin was splotchy and covered with boils… And there was the darkness, clinging to him.

Gias immediately tried to heal the scout, but when he did, the scout changed.

The scout’s head turned skeletal. Three additional heads, composed of shadow, appeared on his neck: two lion heads and a dragon’s head.

Maldora immediately asked, “are you my father”?

The dragon began to speak, but was interrupted by the other party members.

The others asked, “who are you”?

The dragon began to speak agian, but was interrupted by the lion heads.

The lion heads began singing an inane song about how great it was to be singing again. One of the lions musically introduced himself as Meera. The other musically introduced herself as Klashaa.

After a minute, the dragon could tolerate them no longer and shouted, “Enough!” The scout’s body writhed in agony, all of the heads shrieked. The dragon collected himself and said,

“I am Abelard Fatebearer. Maldora, I am your father. In life, I bound these fools into my service with powerful magic. In death, fell spirits have bound their very bodies and souls to my body. This form is my curse, but it has given me a chance for revenge against Zanthia and Isolde.”

“I am bound within my own demiplane, beyond this world. The chains that keep me there are too powerful to break, without magical assistance on this side. Hence, The Fatebearer. Your sister has enabled me to continue my great work: purging humans from all these lands.”

“I must warn you, all of you. The beings that Ivoxam serves are powerful and although I slew him, I fear he is making his return. I have heard the whispers from beyond the void and they have confirmed my fears…”

The party began to ask him questions, but the shadows around the scout’s body dissipated and with them went the four heads of Abelard Fatebearer.

The party immediately prepared their men for battle. If Ivoxam was coming, they would be ready.

Two days later, a fully-armored spirit arrived at Il’ Mendrash. He bore a great, shadowy scroll and offered to let the party surrender to Zanthia and to the judgements of the gods. The spirit warned that although the party had unleashed terrible magic upon the lands, the gods had granted them the power to fight.

The party refused, mocking the spirit and Ivoxam. The spirit shook its ghostly head and said, “you were warned.”

Suddenly, 150 ghostly warriors rose up from the ground near where the spirit was standing and began floating toward the defending army. Ivoxam was nowhere to be found, however.

When the ghostly army had taken substantial losses, Ivoxam and his generals rose from the ground.

One of Ivoxam’s generals, originally a human, had grown large tentacles and her skin had become purplish-black and scaly.

Ivoxam’s other general, a halfling, had become partially embedded in the shadow realm. Tendrils of dark energy trailed from him, constantly trying to pull his soul into the shadow realm.

Ivoxam’s visage had also become terrible. His flesh was twisted and scarred. His head had been contorted and discolored. His ribcage had grown monstrously large and pointed outward, gaining mobility and strength of its own. Within his ribcage sat a glowing, pulsing inside.

Seeing these creatures, Celthalion noted, “No wonder everyone hates us… Look what we do… We did this to them.”

The battle raged on for hours and many died on both sides. Cannons fired, swords cut, magic burned, tentacles embraced, and rib cages enveloped and drained.

In the end, however, the party was able to overcome Ivoxam’s deformed and ruined army. Even Ivoxam himself was slain.

Il’ Mendrash would have peace, at least for a time…



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