Trees of Prophecy

Meeting 5

The party woke up and had breakfast at the tavern and the party members decided to go their separate ways and meet up at lunch.


Maldora went to the library to take back a couple books she had read, fearing for her arm’s safety (losing an arm is the fine for overdue books at the Most High and Holy Library of Silsarcia). When she arrived, the librarian ran up to her and confessed that she had found a series of erotic novels about Abelard Fatebearer. She explained the following:

The books are inappropriate for everywhere and detail Abelard’s excursions in Xyron more vividly than they should. The librarian did not read the language of Xyron, though, and had to get the Reading Glasses of the Erosopher from the Reserves to read the novels.

After reading the novels for a while, both the librarian and the demon trapped within the glasses became completely obsessed with Abelard (this kind of thing happens to Abelard a lot, actually). The demon broke out of the glasses and chased the librarian off so that he could peruse the tomes in… Um… Peace? He closed the blinds and the doors to the Reading Room and began indulging his darker lusts.

The librarian was frantic and asked Maldora to help rid the library of the demon. Maldora tried talking to the demon, but the demon threatened to eat her… She returned to the tavern to enlist help…


Having been too busy to attend a proper church, lately, Gias Marcallas decided to find the local temple to Acna. Upon arriving at the church, he was overwhelmed by the immensity and austerity of the establishment. The cathedral was huge and had relic, statues, paintings, fountains, and over a thousand worshipers at a service.

After the service ended, he approached the priestess who had given the service and greeted her as a member of the Order of Acna from Thor’s Point. The priestess was familiar with Lady Olivia, with the monastery, and even with brother Marcallas, but had not heard of its recent destruction until Gias told her about it. The priestess was taken aback, horrified, and ultimately resolute to fix this tragedy.

She vowed to rebuild the monastery and resurrect the fallen brothers and sisters of the Order, once funding and approval had been secured from the High Priest of Psil. She promised to seek out the travelers from Thor’s Point when any decisions needed to be made. Gias, pleased with the morning, returned to the tavern…


Xander, still traumatized that his parents and home town had been taken from him, began trying to find out if any of Aganazzor the Scorcher’s men were in town so that he could exact revenge upon them. He found a shady part of town, went into the bar, and had a drink.

He talked to the bartender and figured that the bartender might know something about the whereabouts of any of Aganazzor’s thugs, but that the bartender was probably pro-Aganazzor. Xander pretended that he wanted to join a rebellion against West Zanthia and that he wanted to pursue violent means.

A few gold pieces later, the bartender told Xander how to find Aganazzor’s men. They apparently had a small-time bar / club / hideout in the city and the bartender gave Xander the password. Xander threw a few more gold pieces the bartender’s way and the bartender assured Xander that no one would ever know he came through this way. Xander returned to the tavern to enlist the aid of the others…


Desiring to prove himself as an honorable warrior, Celthalion started wandering around town, looking for news of evildoers to bring to justice. Fortunately, he met a local child who was more than happy to help the great warrior. The child, admiring Celthalion’s fine armor weapons, led the paladin through the city to a board where bounties had been posted. At the moment, there were three bounties on the board.

The first was for a slaver named Bragovax the Vile. Bragovax was wanted for enslaving traders and villagers in northern Silsarcia. The bounty was for 1,200 gp.

The second bounty was for a Zanthian investment banker named Josh. Josh was wanted for funding legions of crusaders who invaded Silsarcia from West Zanthia. The bounty on Josh’s head was 10,000 gp.

The third bounty was drawn in blue crayon and was for Ilgrathion the Mean. Ilgrathion was wanted for pulling hair, kicking, and being mean. The bounty on Ilgrathion’s head was 200 gp.

Celthalion confronted the child about the bounty on Ilgrathion the Mean and learned that Ilgrathion was the child’s older brother.

Celthalion thanked the child for being a guide and the child asked to come out adventuring and catch bad guys with Celthalion. Celthalion obliged the child and gave him a mission: perform a reconnaissance operation on Ilgration, acquire any and all relevant knowledge, and inform Celthalion.

The child ran off, yelling “Ooooh, you are so gonna die now.”

Celthalion returned to the tavern with the bounty poster…


Reunited, the party decided that they would go to the library, defeat the demon, and then go bring Bragovax to justice…

They defeated the vile creature in the library with combat and trickery. The party assailed the beast with swords and sorcery while Maldora tricked it into thinking that Abelard himself had appeared and propositioned him for a nice, romantic evening. The beast decided that a night with the Fatebearer was better than a night in the library with gnats attacking him, so he left.

Maldora acquired the Reading Glasses of the Erosopher, for those readers who don’t just like knowledge, but also like like knowledge. The librarian was thankful and gave them a week’s worth of her pay in gratitude.

They then purchased a horse, wagon, and a barrel of random crap from Sal with which to adorn said wagon. They went north to a small town by a river named “Riverton.” There, they met the mayor who pointed them in the direction of Bragovax. When asked for the adventurers’ names, Celthalion responded that they were collectively called the Merchants of Justice.

They traveled east on their wagon and decided to pretend that Celthalion had enslaved the other party members and was looking to sell them. They banged and clanged around Bragovax’s hideout until a drum-banging orcish standard-bearer came down and demanded answers… Most importantly, why were they banging and clanging so much at this hour?

Celthalion explained that he sought to sell some slaves, but didn’t know who would buy them. The orc, happy to help, offered 12 gold for the lot. Celthalion accepted and the orc led the wagon up the hill to the slave pens, beating the drum the whole time. The three other party members were locked away inside the slave pens with 15 slaves.

As the slaver finished locking the gate, Celthalion snapped his neck.

Only once the drum had stopped beating did the party members hear the four heavily-armed and armored orcs who had been sneaking behind them. The orcs, led by the shaman Bragovax, attacked the party.

Xander, springing into action, lept over the fence… Almost… He actually lept into the electric field surrounding the fence and got knocked down. Once he had a chance to recover, he exited the slave pens through the gate.

The fight was hard and Xander was almost lost, but the party prevailed and bound Bragovax, who still lived, in chains.



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