Trees of Prophecy

Meeting 6

DM's Recap

The party finished chaining Bragovax in the wagon. Maldora grabbed the five remaining orc corpses and threw them into the wagon, too, hoping to have them resurrected and enslaved once back in the city.

They set off to Riverton so that the slaves could be reunited with their friends and families. The town was decorated with merchant scales covered in bloody slash marks. The mayor revealed that they had been working on designing flags and banners themed after their new heroes, The Merchants of Justice. The gang quickly left the celebration, not wanting to hear more about how proud the mayor was to be in an A Plot Line. It was at this time Gias decided it would be a good idea to cast Gentle Repose on Maldora’s decaying orc bodies, so they didn’t have to smell their stink all the way back to the city.

They made it back with no trouble and quickly took Bragovaxx to the guards main office, basically the jail, to claim the bounty. Celthalion stayed with the wagon and corpses as the rest went inside. The Captian of the Guard was impressed with the capture, but not quite sure it was the right man. Interogation would be needed, as he cracked his knuckles, and Maldora offered to join. Out of curiousity, Xander went as well. There was much paper work to be filled out and Gias, not wanting to witness the “interogation”, took one for the team and sat with the receptionist to work on it while Xander, Maldora and the Captain of the Guard interogated Bragovaxx in the back.

Even though Bragovaxx claimed to be himself, Maldora and the Captain continued to beat the truth out of him. At one point Maldora, beat and confused Bragovaxx so badly that he forgot who he was. Thus, they had to beat the truth back into him. The Captain became satisfied that he was the real Bragovaxx, and dragged him to the gallows where a crowd quickly gathered to watch the festivies.

Maldora and Xander went to a pub Xander has frequently visited, recently, to gather help in finding a discount resurectionist. Gias decided to sit this one out, not quite feeling all to proud in the resurection of dead corpses. He took Celthalion with him. After Xander and Maldora slipped the bartender some gold, they located a man who would be willing to take “deals.”

Only open from 2 to 4 in the morning, the gang waited till late late nightfall to proceed to Sals Body Emporium. This familiar Psilon was the same that thought Xander was hitting on him, earlier in the week. Although sporting a different beard, no one was fooled. Maldora made a deal to have two of the strongest bodies resurected as slaves for 300 gold a peice, and Sal could keep the rest for himself. He accepted and did the deed, Maldora now has two Orc Slaves under her command. Sal also offered her a frying pan, but when she refused, he placed a curse on one of the orcs. A curse that would cause the orc to constantly be drumming, with or without a drum in hand.

Now it was time to confront the hideout for Aganazzer’s cronies within the city. Xander was a little gung ho to get in there and get to the bottom of Aganazzer’s doings, but Gias talked him out of rushing in so early, claiming that Celthalion and Maldora would have an easier time. Which they did. Approaching the hideout, Celthalion was immeaditaly let in, too his suprise. Everyone seemed to know him and expected that he should all the details on Aganazzer’s work. Which made it difficult to get any info from the Dragonborn passing out drinks. He did find out that someone named Fatebearer was manning the weapon that destroyed Thors Point and that it was almost ready to fire again. Celthalion immeadiatly thought of Maldora, but knew that it was impossible.

At that point Maldora entered the hideout, again not requiring the password. It was as if everyone recognized her as well. The bartender mentioned to Celthalion, “theres your partner.” Soon they found that everyone thought they were higher ups in Aganazzer’s Rebellion, so Celthalion and Maldora played along. Getting drinks, they began to approach who appeared to be the leader, who was having a conversation with an Ulrachian. He welcomed them gladly to his table and explained that he was making arangement to trade slaves for posion, which would be used in West Zanthia agaisnt the Queens people. The leader was supprised to see Maldora and Celthalion, introducing them as Duamerdrax and Elvira Fatebearer to the Ulrachian. The leader thought they were in West Zanthia doing reconisence and preparing the temple. Celthalion dodged the question and said they were in town for short period of time, and was offering his services. The leader declined, saying that this work was below them and that they had much more important things to do.

At this point Maldora and Celthalion left and meet up with Xander and Gias to relay the info. Xander and Gias were shocked about the mistaken identity in the hideout, which Xander then turned into a theory about people trying pretend to be Maldora and Celthalion, since the reals one were supposed to be dead in the attack at Thors Point. Everyone thought he was crazy, and Maldora assumed that the other “her” was actually a half-sister. The others agreed, but Xander still held on to his original theory.

Xander now pushed to go into the hideout, agaisnt Gias attempts to sway him otherwise. Eventually Gias got tired of holding Xander back and reluctantly watched him enter. Xander did, however, have to produce the password as a new recruit. Being Half-Elf, he was not accepted as quickly and had to convince the recuriter of his intentions against West Zanthia and the Queen. Things were smooth at first and the recruiter believed his intentions, but the leader noticed Xander’s gloves and thought otherwise. Xander wore his families heirlooms which bore the Aelarin Crest, normally servants of Zanthia. The Leader reoginized this and thought a rouse was happening. He approached Xander and called him out on his name. Xander tried to cover up by saying he won the gloves in a duel against an Aelarin, but this didn’t fly.

Finally Xander admitted to being an Aelarin, but stated that his hatred still stood for the Queen and he still wanted to join. Calling Xander on his bluff, the Leader mentioned that he should have died at Thors Point. Xander tried to claim that he left before the destruction happend, but the Leader seem not to buy it. He told Xander he believed him and that he should “relax” while he got something from the backroom of the hideout. The door was suddenly locked and Xander was trapped in the hideout with numerous henchmen. Luckily Gias, Celthalion, and Maldora were outside waiting and heard the door lock. Assuming the worst they approached the hideout and tried to enter. No luck, so Celthalion kicked the down the door. Playing up his role from earlier he yelled at the henchmen for not letting him in. Eveyone screaming that they were about to kill a traitor, Maldora quickly jumped in and vouched for Xander.

Claiming that he was a special assignment given by Aganazzer, nobody should touch him. The leader expecting that Maldora and Celthalion were too imposters, ushered them all into the back room. Gias, realizing a fight had not started, stayed outside and avoided contact with anyone inside. Maldora in a string of clever lies convinced the Leader that Xander was her and Celthalions assignment given by Aganazzer himself and that they should interfer, or suffer his wrath. The Leader agreed and let them all go.

The group decided they would lay low until the High Priest summoned them, which he did that night. They told the High Priest of the Aganazzers actions within his city and expected him to jump at the chance to put a halt to those actions, but he didn’t. The High Priest seemed not care about such little things such as poisioning Zanthia, but had bigger plans in mind. he disregarded what they told him and said that it was time they approach Aganazzer directly, by force. He would give them command of many soldiers and usher them straight to Aganazzer and force him to give up his lands and power. The group jumped at the idea. The High Priest did suggest though that the road would be tough and they should spend some time training while the necessary troups and equipment were being prepared. They agreed and their individual trainings commenced.



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