Trees of Prophecy

Meeting 9
DM's Recap

After defeating and looting the dragon, Xander began glowing slightly and his skin became grayish in color. The party emerged from the Temple of Change and went back to talk to Elvira.

Elvira listened to the party’s description of the events and decided that she needed to run some tests on Xander to see what exactly had happened to him and determine any possible side effects. Xander was sent away.

The remainder of the party talked with Elvira and after her curiosity about the temple was sated, she agreed to talk to the High Priest of Silsarcia with the party. The party started trying to figure out the best way to walk to the High Priest, but Elvira laughed. She started ordering some of her demons to prepare the Comm Tower and said that walking and talking “in-person” was becoming obsolete.

As she began to explain what they were going to do, trumpets were heard from outside the tower. Elvira was a little put off by people using musical instruments so loudly and the party emerged from the tower with her.

A few hundred feet away stood 500 Zanthian soldiers, 12 Zanthian hippogriff warriors, 2 angels, and Alejandros Jodorowski (a dwarf that the party had chained to a tree and left for dead atop the Holy Mountain). Elvira approached the small army and asked what they wanted.

Alejandros responded, “we have come seeking Elvira Fatebearer. By order of Ivoxam, High Priest of Zanthia and right-hand of the Queen, she is wanted for heresy, consorting with demons,...”

The present party members mentioned that they had heard this before and the dwarf looked at them and remembered…

He continued, “And now this! Consorting with known terrorists, harboring known terrorists…”

The party and the dwarf exchanged some snarky remarks. Elvira ordered her canoneers to man the canons, her garlbura to smash the irregular infantry, and her imps to follow her and defeat the hippogriffs. She said that the angels and the dwarf were the party’s to handle.

The party defeated the angels and the dwarf. Afterward, they helped the garlburas kill the remaining irregulars.

After the fight, Elvira thanked the party, gave them another stipend, and told them that she was ready to go talk to Silsarcia.

After sacrificing a human to power her infernal machine that ripped a hole in reality, Elvira projected the images of the party and herself onto the High Priest’s altar. The party convinced Elvira and the High Priest to ally under the following terms: Silsarcia would provide Elvira with all the funding and manpower she needed and Elvira would provide Silsarcia with weapons and access to the Temple of Change.

Elvira closed the communication, but a Gibbering Mouther appeared out of the hole and started shrieking at the party. The party slew the mouther and the meeting ended.

Meeting 8
DM's Recap

The party arrived at New Ak Anon, but found that it was deserted. Ruined metal structures arose from the ground, many of them had been destroyed seemingly 1,000 years ago. Some of the structures are covered in glowing arcane runes.

Celthalion detected the scent of insects and heard a gnashing, burrowing sound coming from deep within the earth. There is no sign of life, however.

Gias examined some of the ruined buildings, hoping to find clues. He did not find anything useful, but did notice that some objects in the ruins seem to have been disturbed or removed recently.

Maldora and Xander looked for holes that the bugs might have dug through to the surface. They found a deep hole that seemed to go for a great distance southeast toward the lake. The hole was 4’ diameter, so they decided not to descend. Instead, Xander sent one of his soldiers down to investigate stealthily… The party waited… After a few minutes, a shriek emerged from the hole, followed by the sound of crunching bones.

The party moved southeast, deciding not to linger near the hole.

After investigating a few more buildings and finding nothing, giant bugs wielding tridents ran toward the party while they were riding around in the wagon they bought from Sal.

The bugs clicked and clacked at the party in Abyssal. No one spoke Abyssal, but Maldora decided to give it a try anyway. She began flapping her arms around and clicking back at the bugs. She seemed to insult one of the bugs’ mothers or something because they immediately began clicking angrily and waving their tridents at Maldora. One bug restrained the other while he calmed down and they motioned for the party to follow them southeast. The party obliged and traveled toward the lake, led by the bugs.

In the confusion, Xander escaped, hid, and followed the group from a safe distance.

The party arrived at Elvira’s research camp in the southeastern part of the city and she told them many things about herself and Aganazzer. Mainly, that she was, more or less, an independent contractor with a genocidal hatred of humans.

She developed the Fatebearer, a weapon that was used to destroy Thor’s Point. She originally pitched the idea to Xyron, but they were too disorganized and had no real direction. She pitched the idea to Silsarcia, but they wanted to use it to prevent any sort of war. When she pitched it to Aganazzer, he immediately gave her funding and wanted to use the Fatebearer against the Zanthians as often as possible. She said that this seemed like a good fit for her and started working with the Scorchers.

She’s now working on some other, better weapons that she is trying to finish, but Aganazzer hasn’t sent the promised reinforcements so progress has halted. Maldora was fascinated and wanted to learn more about the weapons, Elvira’s research, and how more humans could be killed.

Elvira explained that with the next weapon she was developing, she would have pinpoint accuracy. She revealed that the Fatebearer was somewhat imprecise and required a lot of resources to use. She offered the party a 2,000 gp stipend to help her access and secure the Temple of Change.

The party, most of whom want to prevent the Fatebearer from being used again and prevent “needless” death, agreed to help. They did, however, demand that Elvira would engage in “good faith” negotiations with Silsarcia and switch her allegiance if Silsarcia would provide the funding and manpower she required. She agreed and led the party to the Temple of Change.

The door to the temple was protected by numerous ward and enchantments that greatly harmed anyone who came in contact with it. It also seemed to be impervious to damage. Elvira mentioned that her demons would not go near the temple, claiming that an ancient evil was inside.

Maldora, with Gias, Xander, Celthalion, and one of her soldiers as support used Words of Corruption to begin disintegrating the door. The dark words were enough to open a small section of the doorway, but channeling these words caused her soldier to incinerate and Gias was knocked unconscious.

Maldora stopped channeling the spell and allowed the other party members to recover. She began chanting again almost immediately, however, with four of her soldiers assisting the effort. By the time the door was opened, all of her soldiers except one existed only as ashes.

The party went into the temple.

Downstairs, they saw eight skeletons walking around and performing various tasks. The skeletons took no notice of the party.

A large table, covered in runes, blood, and scales sat in the center of a room with 8 side chambers. Each side chamber’s walls were covered in runes that Maldora revealed to be instructions to operate a machine. The side chambers each had an empty orb atop a pedestal and thousands of gold worth of residuum.

The party examined the orbs, the residuum, the runes, the table, and the skeletons. Not seeing an “ancient evil,” they decided to leave and tell Elvira that they had completed the terms of their agreement.

Suddenly, portcullises slammed down, locking the party within the room. Nothing else happened. Xander, not really knowing what else to do, jumped on the table in the center of the room.

Immediately, all of the orbs shot magical energy into him, knocking him unconscious.

A black dragon with the ability to steal life energies emerged and explained that he was a priest of Psil who had used this machine to transform himself into a dragon. After the transformation, he killed all eight of the priests involved in the ritual and was locked within the temple forever.

Now that the party has opened the door out, he claimed that he was going to eat them and escape. Unfortunately for the dragon, the party killed him by using the table against him…

Meeting 7
ADD Version

The High Priest gave the party a map of the Scorched Foothills, two dozen soldiers, and a mission: Acquire the foothills for Silsarcia. The High Priest outlined three possible ways by which to acquire the Scorched Foothills: Kill Aganazzer, rally other powerful leaders against Aganazzer and drive him out, or convince Aganazzer to surrender to Silsarcia. The party plotted their course and began planning how to find and kill their enemy who had destroyed Thor’s Point.

The party encountered a flock of shadowhunter bats and fire bats. Three of Gias’ men were lost in the skirmish.

The party arrived at Aganazzer’s capital and began looking for information about where to find him. Although no one gave them specific information regarding his whereabouts, several people told them that Fort Vindication would be the best place to find out.

Instead of investigating Aganazzer, Maldora looked for information on her sister, Elvira Fatebearer. One of Elvira’s old boyfriends told Maldora that Elvira was down in New Ak’Anon performing magical weapon research.

The party decided to go to New Ak’Anon and get information about Aganazzer from Elvira Fatebearer.

On the way, the party encountered some rage drakes and spitting drakes.

Maldora also continued researching her father’s work and unlocked the secrets of Words of Corruption.

Meeting 6
DM's Recap

The party finished chaining Bragovax in the wagon. Maldora grabbed the five remaining orc corpses and threw them into the wagon, too, hoping to have them resurrected and enslaved once back in the city.

They set off to Riverton so that the slaves could be reunited with their friends and families. The town was decorated with merchant scales covered in bloody slash marks. The mayor revealed that they had been working on designing flags and banners themed after their new heroes, The Merchants of Justice. The gang quickly left the celebration, not wanting to hear more about how proud the mayor was to be in an A Plot Line. It was at this time Gias decided it would be a good idea to cast Gentle Repose on Maldora’s decaying orc bodies, so they didn’t have to smell their stink all the way back to the city.

They made it back with no trouble and quickly took Bragovaxx to the guards main office, basically the jail, to claim the bounty. Celthalion stayed with the wagon and corpses as the rest went inside. The Captian of the Guard was impressed with the capture, but not quite sure it was the right man. Interogation would be needed, as he cracked his knuckles, and Maldora offered to join. Out of curiousity, Xander went as well. There was much paper work to be filled out and Gias, not wanting to witness the “interogation”, took one for the team and sat with the receptionist to work on it while Xander, Maldora and the Captain of the Guard interogated Bragovaxx in the back.

Even though Bragovaxx claimed to be himself, Maldora and the Captain continued to beat the truth out of him. At one point Maldora, beat and confused Bragovaxx so badly that he forgot who he was. Thus, they had to beat the truth back into him. The Captain became satisfied that he was the real Bragovaxx, and dragged him to the gallows where a crowd quickly gathered to watch the festivies.

Maldora and Xander went to a pub Xander has frequently visited, recently, to gather help in finding a discount resurectionist. Gias decided to sit this one out, not quite feeling all to proud in the resurection of dead corpses. He took Celthalion with him. After Xander and Maldora slipped the bartender some gold, they located a man who would be willing to take “deals.”

Only open from 2 to 4 in the morning, the gang waited till late late nightfall to proceed to Sals Body Emporium. This familiar Psilon was the same that thought Xander was hitting on him, earlier in the week. Although sporting a different beard, no one was fooled. Maldora made a deal to have two of the strongest bodies resurected as slaves for 300 gold a peice, and Sal could keep the rest for himself. He accepted and did the deed, Maldora now has two Orc Slaves under her command. Sal also offered her a frying pan, but when she refused, he placed a curse on one of the orcs. A curse that would cause the orc to constantly be drumming, with or without a drum in hand.

Now it was time to confront the hideout for Aganazzer’s cronies within the city. Xander was a little gung ho to get in there and get to the bottom of Aganazzer’s doings, but Gias talked him out of rushing in so early, claiming that Celthalion and Maldora would have an easier time. Which they did. Approaching the hideout, Celthalion was immeaditaly let in, too his suprise. Everyone seemed to know him and expected that he should all the details on Aganazzer’s work. Which made it difficult to get any info from the Dragonborn passing out drinks. He did find out that someone named Fatebearer was manning the weapon that destroyed Thors Point and that it was almost ready to fire again. Celthalion immeadiatly thought of Maldora, but knew that it was impossible.

At that point Maldora entered the hideout, again not requiring the password. It was as if everyone recognized her as well. The bartender mentioned to Celthalion, “theres your partner.” Soon they found that everyone thought they were higher ups in Aganazzer’s Rebellion, so Celthalion and Maldora played along. Getting drinks, they began to approach who appeared to be the leader, who was having a conversation with an Ulrachian. He welcomed them gladly to his table and explained that he was making arangement to trade slaves for posion, which would be used in West Zanthia agaisnt the Queens people. The leader was supprised to see Maldora and Celthalion, introducing them as Duamerdrax and Elvira Fatebearer to the Ulrachian. The leader thought they were in West Zanthia doing reconisence and preparing the temple. Celthalion dodged the question and said they were in town for short period of time, and was offering his services. The leader declined, saying that this work was below them and that they had much more important things to do.

At this point Maldora and Celthalion left and meet up with Xander and Gias to relay the info. Xander and Gias were shocked about the mistaken identity in the hideout, which Xander then turned into a theory about people trying pretend to be Maldora and Celthalion, since the reals one were supposed to be dead in the attack at Thors Point. Everyone thought he was crazy, and Maldora assumed that the other “her” was actually a half-sister. The others agreed, but Xander still held on to his original theory.

Xander now pushed to go into the hideout, agaisnt Gias attempts to sway him otherwise. Eventually Gias got tired of holding Xander back and reluctantly watched him enter. Xander did, however, have to produce the password as a new recruit. Being Half-Elf, he was not accepted as quickly and had to convince the recuriter of his intentions against West Zanthia and the Queen. Things were smooth at first and the recruiter believed his intentions, but the leader noticed Xander’s gloves and thought otherwise. Xander wore his families heirlooms which bore the Aelarin Crest, normally servants of Zanthia. The Leader reoginized this and thought a rouse was happening. He approached Xander and called him out on his name. Xander tried to cover up by saying he won the gloves in a duel against an Aelarin, but this didn’t fly.

Finally Xander admitted to being an Aelarin, but stated that his hatred still stood for the Queen and he still wanted to join. Calling Xander on his bluff, the Leader mentioned that he should have died at Thors Point. Xander tried to claim that he left before the destruction happend, but the Leader seem not to buy it. He told Xander he believed him and that he should “relax” while he got something from the backroom of the hideout. The door was suddenly locked and Xander was trapped in the hideout with numerous henchmen. Luckily Gias, Celthalion, and Maldora were outside waiting and heard the door lock. Assuming the worst they approached the hideout and tried to enter. No luck, so Celthalion kicked the down the door. Playing up his role from earlier he yelled at the henchmen for not letting him in. Eveyone screaming that they were about to kill a traitor, Maldora quickly jumped in and vouched for Xander.

Claiming that he was a special assignment given by Aganazzer, nobody should touch him. The leader expecting that Maldora and Celthalion were too imposters, ushered them all into the back room. Gias, realizing a fight had not started, stayed outside and avoided contact with anyone inside. Maldora in a string of clever lies convinced the Leader that Xander was her and Celthalions assignment given by Aganazzer himself and that they should interfer, or suffer his wrath. The Leader agreed and let them all go.

The group decided they would lay low until the High Priest summoned them, which he did that night. They told the High Priest of the Aganazzers actions within his city and expected him to jump at the chance to put a halt to those actions, but he didn’t. The High Priest seemed not care about such little things such as poisioning Zanthia, but had bigger plans in mind. he disregarded what they told him and said that it was time they approach Aganazzer directly, by force. He would give them command of many soldiers and usher them straight to Aganazzer and force him to give up his lands and power. The group jumped at the idea. The High Priest did suggest though that the road would be tough and they should spend some time training while the necessary troups and equipment were being prepared. They agreed and their individual trainings commenced.

Meeting 5

The party woke up and had breakfast at the tavern and the party members decided to go their separate ways and meet up at lunch.


Maldora went to the library to take back a couple books she had read, fearing for her arm’s safety (losing an arm is the fine for overdue books at the Most High and Holy Library of Silsarcia). When she arrived, the librarian ran up to her and confessed that she had found a series of erotic novels about Abelard Fatebearer. She explained the following:

The books are inappropriate for everywhere and detail Abelard’s excursions in Xyron more vividly than they should. The librarian did not read the language of Xyron, though, and had to get the Reading Glasses of the Erosopher from the Reserves to read the novels.

After reading the novels for a while, both the librarian and the demon trapped within the glasses became completely obsessed with Abelard (this kind of thing happens to Abelard a lot, actually). The demon broke out of the glasses and chased the librarian off so that he could peruse the tomes in… Um… Peace? He closed the blinds and the doors to the Reading Room and began indulging his darker lusts.

The librarian was frantic and asked Maldora to help rid the library of the demon. Maldora tried talking to the demon, but the demon threatened to eat her… She returned to the tavern to enlist help…


Having been too busy to attend a proper church, lately, Gias Marcallas decided to find the local temple to Acna. Upon arriving at the church, he was overwhelmed by the immensity and austerity of the establishment. The cathedral was huge and had relic, statues, paintings, fountains, and over a thousand worshipers at a service.

After the service ended, he approached the priestess who had given the service and greeted her as a member of the Order of Acna from Thor’s Point. The priestess was familiar with Lady Olivia, with the monastery, and even with brother Marcallas, but had not heard of its recent destruction until Gias told her about it. The priestess was taken aback, horrified, and ultimately resolute to fix this tragedy.

She vowed to rebuild the monastery and resurrect the fallen brothers and sisters of the Order, once funding and approval had been secured from the High Priest of Psil. She promised to seek out the travelers from Thor’s Point when any decisions needed to be made. Gias, pleased with the morning, returned to the tavern…


Xander, still traumatized that his parents and home town had been taken from him, began trying to find out if any of Aganazzor the Scorcher’s men were in town so that he could exact revenge upon them. He found a shady part of town, went into the bar, and had a drink.

He talked to the bartender and figured that the bartender might know something about the whereabouts of any of Aganazzor’s thugs, but that the bartender was probably pro-Aganazzor. Xander pretended that he wanted to join a rebellion against West Zanthia and that he wanted to pursue violent means.

A few gold pieces later, the bartender told Xander how to find Aganazzor’s men. They apparently had a small-time bar / club / hideout in the city and the bartender gave Xander the password. Xander threw a few more gold pieces the bartender’s way and the bartender assured Xander that no one would ever know he came through this way. Xander returned to the tavern to enlist the aid of the others…


Desiring to prove himself as an honorable warrior, Celthalion started wandering around town, looking for news of evildoers to bring to justice. Fortunately, he met a local child who was more than happy to help the great warrior. The child, admiring Celthalion’s fine armor weapons, led the paladin through the city to a board where bounties had been posted. At the moment, there were three bounties on the board.

The first was for a slaver named Bragovax the Vile. Bragovax was wanted for enslaving traders and villagers in northern Silsarcia. The bounty was for 1,200 gp.

The second bounty was for a Zanthian investment banker named Josh. Josh was wanted for funding legions of crusaders who invaded Silsarcia from West Zanthia. The bounty on Josh’s head was 10,000 gp.

The third bounty was drawn in blue crayon and was for Ilgrathion the Mean. Ilgrathion was wanted for pulling hair, kicking, and being mean. The bounty on Ilgrathion’s head was 200 gp.

Celthalion confronted the child about the bounty on Ilgrathion the Mean and learned that Ilgrathion was the child’s older brother.

Celthalion thanked the child for being a guide and the child asked to come out adventuring and catch bad guys with Celthalion. Celthalion obliged the child and gave him a mission: perform a reconnaissance operation on Ilgration, acquire any and all relevant knowledge, and inform Celthalion.

The child ran off, yelling “Ooooh, you are so gonna die now.”

Celthalion returned to the tavern with the bounty poster…


Reunited, the party decided that they would go to the library, defeat the demon, and then go bring Bragovax to justice…

They defeated the vile creature in the library with combat and trickery. The party assailed the beast with swords and sorcery while Maldora tricked it into thinking that Abelard himself had appeared and propositioned him for a nice, romantic evening. The beast decided that a night with the Fatebearer was better than a night in the library with gnats attacking him, so he left.

Maldora acquired the Reading Glasses of the Erosopher, for those readers who don’t just like knowledge, but also like like knowledge. The librarian was thankful and gave them a week’s worth of her pay in gratitude.

They then purchased a horse, wagon, and a barrel of random crap from Sal with which to adorn said wagon. They went north to a small town by a river named “Riverton.” There, they met the mayor who pointed them in the direction of Bragovax. When asked for the adventurers’ names, Celthalion responded that they were collectively called the Merchants of Justice.

They traveled east on their wagon and decided to pretend that Celthalion had enslaved the other party members and was looking to sell them. They banged and clanged around Bragovax’s hideout until a drum-banging orcish standard-bearer came down and demanded answers… Most importantly, why were they banging and clanging so much at this hour?

Celthalion explained that he sought to sell some slaves, but didn’t know who would buy them. The orc, happy to help, offered 12 gold for the lot. Celthalion accepted and the orc led the wagon up the hill to the slave pens, beating the drum the whole time. The three other party members were locked away inside the slave pens with 15 slaves.

As the slaver finished locking the gate, Celthalion snapped his neck.

Only once the drum had stopped beating did the party members hear the four heavily-armed and armored orcs who had been sneaking behind them. The orcs, led by the shaman Bragovax, attacked the party.

Xander, springing into action, lept over the fence… Almost… He actually lept into the electric field surrounding the fence and got knocked down. Once he had a chance to recover, he exited the slave pens through the gate.

The fight was hard and Xander was almost lost, but the party prevailed and bound Bragovax, who still lived, in chains.

Meeting 4

Guest-written by James

The party with The Oracle in lead sets to depart West Zanthia atop a White Dragon and head to Silsarcia. Celthalion’s parents decide not to join the party and stay behind in West Zanthia to complete some scouting operations.

While travelling in air over West Zanthia, about half way to Silsarcia, Gias and Xander spotted followers gaining on them quickly.

They were a small faction of The Queen’s Hippogriph Brigade sent by Ivoxam. As the Hippogriphs closed in a blue/ghostly visage of a man riding a hippogriph appeared atop the dragon.

He was the leader of the brigade and brandishing a scroll he announced that he was under strict orders by Ivoxam to capture us and bring in for punishment. The reason being treason to The Queen and West Zanthia , as well as many smaller infractions including the worship of The Old Gods, attacking the high priest Ivoxam, and many others.

Having finally come to grips with the death of his friends and family, Xander snapped out of his silence and tried to buy the party some time. He announced that he was Captain Drake Aelarin, and that this party was under special assignment given to them by The Queen herself and for them to interfer meant ruin for the assignment and that they would be punished by The Queen.

This seemed to work as the visage disappeard. This gave the party enough time formulate a quick plan as what to do if they attacked. The visage came back and demanded that the party land.

The white dragon headed toward the ground the Hippogriph Brigade approached even closer, coming right next to the dragon, but not attacking. That was until Celthalion decided he needed to give the closest Xanthian a dose of his breath weapon.

This started a vicious air battle that eventually ended once the party was on the ground. Luckily, there were little to no casualties of the party thanks to some clever moves from everyone involved.

The party decided to continue on their trek to Silsarcia, they wanted to get there and out of West Zanthia as soon as possible.

The party made it to Silsarcia without further incident and came to land at the top of a large citadel which looked like a large onyx snake, obviously in honor of Psil. Here The Oracle introduced the party to the High Priest of Silsarcia. He welcomed them with open arms and rejoiced that they had come to join his cause against West Zanthia.

The high priest answered many questions and tried to quell Xander’s hastiness to go after Aganazzer the Scorcher. He granted the party some money and free time to explore the city below the citadel. He thought that it was time for him and The Oracle to catch up on much needed discussion and what would be the best option for the empire. He would call the party when a decision had been made.

The party was lead to a very nice hotel where their rooms were being prepared and Gias rejoiced to have Xander back again. Maldora made her way to the library to catch up on much needed study as the rest headed off to a tavern.

Gias, Xander ,& Celthalion had large meals on the house, seeing as how they were guests of the High Priest, eventually Maldora joined them with a stack of books in hand.

Celthalion and Maldora both tried several fermented blood ales, literally “blood” ales. After their meal Gias headed to the other side of the tavern to sight for which he was all to familiar, gambling. Xander and Celthalion headed outside to spend some loot and Maldora attempted to try her skills at wooing a Psilon woman.

The Luck was with Gias as he won an unfamiliar game several times, come out on top, and not get killed. It took Maldora 4 attempts but finally she was able to woo herself the 4th most attractive woman in the tavern.

Xander tried to sell his training sword to a Psilon with a beard, Sal, but failed as Sal thought Xander was hitting on him. Luckily Celthalion stepped in and sold Xander’s sword for him and got a nice hat on top of it.

Xander eventually found a weaponsmith that he didn’t upset and bought a replacement sword. Gias caught up with them and also bought something, a new sheild. As they were leaving they meet up with Maldora and her new girlfriend.

The party then decided to head back to the hotel for the night catch up on some much needed rest.

Meeting 3

Having just killed the Valkyries and looted the shrine to Odin, the party examined the spell on the altar more closely: Odin’s Obscuring. It prevents enemies from using any sort of divination magic on you. They discussed casting the spell immediately, but were interrupted by Alexandros Jodorowski, a bald, tattooed dwarf warlock and 25 Zanthian soldiers.

Jodorowski approached the holy mountain and began reading to the party:

“By order of Ivoxam, High Priest of Odin, right-hand of the queen, and scourge of the Old Gods, you are under arrest for: heresy, witchcraft, proliferation of the Old Gods, consorting with demons, being a tiefling, bearing pagan symbols into a holy place, destroying spirits sacred to the All-father, and vandalizing a holy shrine…”

The party began to argue with the dwarf about how Isolde and The Oracle of Odin had sent them here and about how they were innocent of any misdoings, but Jodorowski would not hear them. Gias Marcallas tricked the dwarf into revealing that Ivoxam had sent him before they had reached the shrine and that he had set them up. The dwarf called for an attack, the troops obeyed.

During the fight, Jeremiah, the queen’s brother, came out of the shadows to help the party, but was knocked unconscious by the warlock.

The party dispatched the guards easily and promptly intimidated the dwarf into surrender. The dwarf yielded and gave all of his worldly possessions to the party, pleading for his life. The party questioned him about the city, about Ivoxam, about Isolde, and other things. Eventually, they decided to tie him to a tree and return to the city to ask that the queen bring Ivoxam to justice.

Gias Marcallas restored Jeremiah and Jeremiah showed them secret ways into the palace. The party convinced the queen to bring charges of treason and betrayal against Ivoxam, who was clearly abusing his power for evil. They also asked the queen if she had any information on Thor’s Point, but Isolde said that her scouts had not yet returned and that they had no information yet.

The next day, Isolde confronted Ivoxam in court. Ivoxam pointed out that the party worshiped the Old Gods and were thus guilty of the charges. The party eventually admitted to worshiping the Old Gods and the queen was dismayed, especially knowing that she had given a a holy relic to a heathen.

Isolde told Ivoxam to go find The Oracle of Odin and he went.

Isolde told the party that she had a plan: the party members could convert, worship the Mortal Gods, and denounce the Old Gods! Then, she could make them Knights of Zanthia and they could serve her as heroes. The party members were disgusted by this idea, but feigned interest.

Ivoxam returned and told Isolde that The Oracle was a heretic, too. Ivoxam had found journal entries and Silsarcia gold on the desk that proved it. Isolde had her clerics ensure the legitimacy of the documents, and it was proven that the oracle was a heretic.

Isolde told Ivoxam of her brilliant idea: the party could kill the oracle (thus, bringing a traitor to justice) and return to Queensport to be initiated into the church of the mortal gods as heroes. Ivoxam begrudgingly admitted that such deeds would require him to drop all charges against the party.

And so the party went to find the oracle. Deep in the swamp, they were attacked by stirges, one of whom wore a bronze crown. The party thought that this stirge was perhaps a king of some kind, but they slew the bugs nevertheless.

The cave was reached and the oracle was found.

The oracle talked to the party for a long time about how Zanthia sought to destroy all that was native to the western continent in order to bring what they considered to be “peace” and “order.” The oracle told them that Zanthia subdued all of the native cultures, whitewashed their temples, denied the native peoples full citizenship into the empire, accused anyone who stuck to the old ways of heresy, and hunted sacred beasts that were native to the continent.

The party asked the oracle who had destroyed Thor’s Point and the oracle responded that those in Silsarcia believe it to have been Aganazzor the Scorcher, who was not aligned with Silsarcia.

The oracle brought Celthalion’s parents in to help convince the party to join Silsarcia, but the party had already made their decision: they would align with the Old Gods and Silsarcia, at least for now.

The party, along with the oracle, and Celthalion’s parents rode atop a white dragon, toward Silsarcia...

Meeting 2
(DM Notes)

The party awoke early the next morning and traveled to Freyr’s Basin. They were allowed in as members of the tournament, but there had been a problem: another team was already registered to represent Thor’s Point. They had to take the matter up with Admissions…

When they reached Admissions, they saw Zachariah Aelarin, with his posse Squeaky Pete, Big Jim, and Lydia the Shadow. Zachariah was irritated to see his brother because he was trying to get his team admitted as the Thor’s Point team, claiming that Lord Samael was a senile old man and couldn’t pick a good team even if he had no alternative.

The party tried to convince him that their home town had been destroyed completely, but Zachariah played it off as one of Xander’s childish games. Unable to withstand the stress and this final insult, Xander punched Zachariah in the gut.

Zachariah and his posse fled, but not before Maldora Fatebearer made a flirtatious pass at Lydia the Shadow, Zachariah’s on-and-off girlfriend. Lydia, intrigued, winked at Maldora and said “maybe we can get together some time… But, right now, I gotta run.”

The Admissions official, upon learning of the fate of Thor’s Point, took the party to meet Thaddius Brown, the Chief Financial Officer of Freyr’s Basin.

Brown, a morbidly obese man in fine robes, greeted the party warmly. Upon learning of the fate of Thor’s Point, he brought in Zoltan, a wizard who was getting ready to teleport goods back to Queensport for the queen herself.

The party decided to forgo the fame and fortune associated with winning The Tournament in favor of teleporting to Queensport to inform the queen about the fate of their small town more quickly. The party appointed Zachariah and his team to represent Thor’s Point at The Tournament in their absence.

In Queensport, the party met with the queen and told her what had transpired. Isolde was horrified, although she didn’t show it. Ivoxam, the High Priest of Odin, and the queen agreed that the destruction of Thor’s Point was an act of war, brought about by mortals and not some rogue magical creature. They agreed that likely culprits were Silsarcia, Xyron, or some of the rogue dragonborn communities in the Blood Fields.

The party described what they saw and heard to the queen in great detail. When they began talking about the size, shape, and nature of the chasm in the center of town, however, the Oracle stormed in and started yelling about “the Prophecy.” The Oracle said that the party must travel north to a shrine to Odin built atop Mount Hyjal, where it is said that Odin defeated some sort of great beast of legend. The Oracle declared that the party would be tested and that if they were weak of heart or spirit that they would not return.

Isolde seemed rather irritated that the Oracle had stormed in and interrupted their conversation and said as much. the High Priest reminded Isolde that to deny the word of the oracle was heresy and that her brother had been banished from Queensport less than a month ago for that very thing.

Isolde then declared that the party would go north to the shrine the next morning and report back to her in her palace.

That evening, the party went to a local dive to get some drinks. Celthalion met a female dragonborn mercenary named Sora and, after some initial awkwardness, the two hit it off. After a few drinks, Celthalion asked Sora whether she knew of any dragonborn that might have been involved in the attack on Thor’s Point.

Although she couldn’t be certain, Sora said that she figured Aganazzor the Scorcher probably had some hand in it. Aganazzor lead a band of dragonborn who openly resist West Zanthia’s intrusion upon the western continent, especially the Black Hills, which are deemed holy by the dragonborn. They believe that Bheilorveilthion the Crimson created their race somewhere within the Black Hills and that West Zanthia’s presence is preventing the return of the Great Wyrm.

When the party awoke the next morning, Isolde said a prayer to Thor to bless them on their journey. Isolde also gave The Topaz Sword of Thorsgard Keep to Xander and apologized for sending his father to Thor’s Point all those years ago. High Priest Ivoxam protested when Isolde gave the sword away, claiming that it was a holy relic of the church and that she had no right. Isolde swore to see justice served, no matter what holy trinkets must be used.

The party went north.

They had a difficult fight with some kruthiks, but overcame.

They reached the shrine before nightfall, but decided to rest upon seeing three Valkyries praying at the shrine. The next morning, the party engaged the Valkyries in combat and were victorious.

Upon the altar, they found four gems that looked like petrified eyes and a scroll of Odin’s Obscuring, but did not know what to make of it.

Meeting 1
DM's Recap

The party was awoken by Lord Samael who was clearly agitated by how late they were sleeping. He told the party to get ready and get downstairs for breakfast. Captain of the Guard, Drake Aelarin, Isabel Moonbow-Aelarin, and Chillon Fatebearer were awaiting the heroes.

At breakfast, Drake Aelarin bestowed his finest gloves upon his son, Xander.

After breakfast, Lord Samael led the party to an overlook behind his mansion and began telling them the directions to Freyr’s Basin, where The Tournament was being held this year. Lord Samael got distracted talking about one time when he got lost in the woods… Celthalion spaced out and recalled a meeting he had at the ruins of Il’ Mendrash four days ago…

At the ruins of Il’ Mendrash, Bheilorveilthion the Crimson visited Celthalion in a dream. Bheilorveilthion, creator of the dragonborn, told Celthalion that if Celthalion was truly going to understand the nature of the dragonborn and his own nature, he should seek answers about the past. Particularly, Bheilorveilthion told Celthalion to learn about Bheilorveilthion and about Bheilorveilthion’s “creator.”

Upon waking, Celthalion saw a suit of reddish armor upon the ruined altar. The armor bore the Great Claw of Bheilorveilthion. Celthalion took the armor and information and returned to Thor’s Point.

... Celthalion snapped back into the present just in time to hear Lord Samael finish a story about poking a sleeping hill giant in the nose.

The party started walking back to the center of town so that they could be honored members of a parade…

On the way to the well, three figures in dark robes approached the party from the shadows. The figure in the front spoke up, saying “Gias Marcallas! We have come for you.” The person revealed herself to be Lady Olivia, Pack Mother of Gias’ order. Lady Olivia thanked Gias for being a noble and valuable member of the Order of Acna and proceeded to fully ordain him as a Brother within the cult. She bestowed upon him The Great Wolf’s Symbol of Hope, a holy relic from the monastery.

The Pack Mother and Brothers departed, returning to the monastery. The party continued through the parade.

After the parade, the party arrived at the Cave of Trials, where they usually trained for The Tournament. Lord Samael wished them well and departed.

From the shadows Chillon Fatebearer beckoned her daughter Maldora. Chillon tried one final time to convince Maldora not to go to The Tournament and participate in human games. Failing that, Chillon told her daughter to try to kill any human she was facing in The Tournament.

Chillon gave Maldora a book written by Abelard Fatebearer, entitled “Concerning the Dark Ones.” It is an evil tome, bound in the skin of eight humans and penned with their blood. Abelard stored all of his research about demons, devils, and other denizens of the lower planes within this spellbook.

The party then continued through the Cave of Trials, faring well.

When they had finished defeating several Iron Serpents, made by Braxx Braxxson of BraxTech Machinations, the party heard a loud, horrible shriek. The very mountain shook and quaked.

Escaping the Cave of Trials, the party returned to Thor’s Point...

Everyone was dead; their bodies covered in burns and boils; their clothes and possessions were piles of ash. All of the buildings were ash and rubble. All of the leaves, grasses, flowers, and trees were piles of dust. In the center of town, along the main road, was a chasm: 50’ long, 5’ wide, and 20’ deep. The earth within the chasm was charred black.

Within the chasm, at the bottom, the party found half a pound of a rare, enchanted metal. Although they could not identify the metal or be certain of its significance, they believed that it was used to target some sort of terrible weapon…

With nothing left for them in Thor’s Point, the party departed for Freyr’s Basin and The Tournament.


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