Abelard Fatebearer

Abelard was an Ulrachian (spiderperson, spawn of Ulrach) Wizard from Xyron. He was well-known for his womanizing, genocidal mania, and wearing a demon’s head atop his own.

He commanded a force of humanoids (mainly consisting of ogres, gnolls, orcs, and Ulrachians with which he marauded towns and villages. He had a small group of clerics who worshiped him as a god, the leader of which was Chillon. With his small army and a band of allies (most notably Ysid the Deciever, Meera, Klashaa, and Inquisitor Polaris), Abelard destroyed many Zanthian settlements ranging from small fishing villages to fortified castles and religious citadels.

Abelard Fatebearer (as he came to be known) worked closely with the Tribunal of Xyron and attempted to overthrow Queen Isolde and crush the kingdom of West Zanthia, which was then still a vassal state of the Zanthian Empire.

Abelard’s motives differed from those of the Tribunal of Xyron, however. The Tribunal wanted political power and wanted to claim the Zanthian lands for Xyron. Abelard wanted to destroy all humans, West Zanthia just happened to be the closest human kingdom.

While trying to recruit several tribes from the Forsaken Wastes into his army, Queen Isolde attacked his mountain citadel. Chillon, his cult, and most of his army were stationed at his citadel at the time. Chillon alerted Abelard that the fortress was under attack and Inquisitor Polaris teleported the party back to the fort. Abelard was face-to-face with Queen Isolde and her most trusted advisers.

Rather than run, Abelard, Inquisitor Polaris, Klashaa, and Meera made a last stand in the mouth of the cave. Isolde slew them all and had their bodies disintegrated.

Chillon, being with child, fled during the battle and managed to escape with her life. Maldora was born a few months later and the two have been in hiding from Queen Isolde, in her own lands no less, ever since.

Ysid the Deciever has never been seen since Abelard’s death. Chillon has remained convinced that he sold the location of the citadel to Isolde and seeks vengeance for her lover and god’s death.

Abelard Fatebearer

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