Altars of the Old Gods

The Altars of the Old Gods are artifacts of immense power that allow worshipers to channel the god’s power directly through their bodies.

It is said that The Old Gods helped create these altars and poured some of their essence into the artifacts to charge them. It was seen as a great gift by the old people. A token of goodwill from The Old Gods to their chosen children.

The whereabouts of several altars is known, but the locations of the others have been lost to time.

The Altar of Acna is located within the ruins of Il’ Mendrash

The Altar of Bheilorveilthion is located within Queensport, although the Zanthians have converted it into a temple to Odin, Thor, and Zanthulor

The Altar of Psil is located in the capital city of Silsarcia

Altars of the Old Gods

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