Celthalion – Character Sheet


Celthalion is a dragonborn paladin aged 27 years. During his youth, Celthalion was considered to be a failure by his family. Rather than follow his kin’s tradition of honor and pride, young Celthalion was impatient and cruel. He had difficulty making friends and was a terrible student. This saddened his parents a great deal. Upon reaching adulthood, his family cut off communication with him and sent him on his own. They told him that he could return to the family if he proved he truly was a Dragonborn.

Unfortunately, Celthalion was more than happy to leave his family and spent no effort trying to impress them after essentially being banished. He took up residency at a pub in the next village and drank and gambled through the next several years. One night after soundly winning a drinking game, Celthalion was assaulted by one of his opponents. Even though he was untrained in hand-to-hand combat, he easily defended himself and seriously injured his attacker. He was arrested and sent to prison. He had never felt more worthless in his entire life. Seasons changed and years fell off the calendar while he waited. Prison taught Celthalion the importance of patience and how to exercise restraint. It gave him an incredible amount of time to think. He often wondered about the studies he ignored as a child – how his parents told him it was important for him to learn about his race’s great heritage. In his cell, he had no books to read, so all he could do was ask himself questions – questions he might be able to answer when he was released. This curiosity kept him equally determined and depressed. Depressed because he eventually realized what a failure he had been; determined because he felt that someday he would set things straight.

Many years later, Celthalion is now a free Dragonborn. Although he has not reconciled with his family, he has committed his life to honor and learning. He feels he owes himself a better shot at life, so he is trying to make up for the years he lost.

Two years ago, Celthalion traveled to Thor’s Point seeking the ruins of Il’ Mendrash. Il’ Mendrash is an ancient Dragonborn city rumored to have been where the Elder Wyrm, Bheilorveilthion the Crimson created Celthalion’s tribe of Dragonborn. Celthalion travels to the ruins whenever he can to uncover information about his people and pray for guidance.

When Lord Samael asked Celthalion to represent Thor’s Point in The Tournament, Celthalion obliged. Of late, Celthalion has trained continuously, seeking to prove himself by winning The Tournament.


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