Dragonborn Race Info

Dragonborn are half dragon, half man. They were created by Bheilorveilthion and typically live in the Blood Plains (now called New Silsarcia).

Dragonborn Abilities

Clandestinity (Reason)

Clandestinity is the art of quiet secrecy, and more specifically, creating, communicating with, and maintaining secret networks. It is used to create ciphers and codes, as well as decrypt them, organize secret meetings while keeping them secret, and for all other sorts of long-term sub-rosa activity.

Demolition (Reason)

The revolutionary elements in the Blood Plains (now called New Silsarcia) have re-discovered the ancient knowledge of explosives and firearms. This ability allows one to create and operate these implements of destruction, hopefully without losing a hand.

Infantry (Vigor)

This is the use of larger swords and axes and metal armor, as well as working as part of a fielded army.

Scrounging (Instinct)

While most Dragonborn are very poor, their land is covered with the riches of times past. This ability can be used to find items or materials when they should not be commonly found.

Dragonborn Secrets

Secret of Lizard Familiarity

You gain a bonus die on all Animal Ken Ability Checks involving lizard (including dragon). In addition, your character can speak to reptiles in their own language.

Secret of the Fire Fruit

Your character’s skill with chiles and other fiery ingredients is so good that she can actually harm others with a successful attempt at cooking. The ability check is your cooking ability versus the eater’s Endure ability.

Dragonborn Keys

Key of the Manipulator

Your character works behind the scenes, manipulating others in order to be a shadow ruler. Your character must work for or be an advisor of someone in a position of power.

Gain 1 XP whenever your character exerts her will over her ruler, even over minor matters – especially over minor matters.

Gain 2 XP whenever the ruler accepts your character’s advice over others.

Gain 5 XP whenever your character’s influence makes the ruler make a policy change or establish a new policy that works in your character’s favor.

Buyoff: Accept the mantle of power for one’s self.

Key of the Revolutionary

Your character is dedicated to overthrowing a ruling class, party, or government.

Gain 1 XP every time she speaks out against the rulers, or breaks a minor law.

Gain 2 XP every time she acts directly against the rulers.

Gain 5 XP every time she puts herself in great danger in order to damage the status quo.

Buyoff: Accept any favor from the rulers in order for your quietude or complicity.

Dragonborn Race Info

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