Dwarf Race Info

The Little People are the combined races known as Dwarf, Gnome, and Halfling. Their origins are unknown and they can be found anywhere in the world, although they typically prefer hills and mountains. Your character may identify as Dwarf, Gnome, or Halfling, but they are statistically identical

Little People Abilities

Appraisal (Reason)

Appraisal not only grants the ability to determine what an object of art is worth, but what it is worth to a specific person. It can be used to determine where and when a piece of art originated, and the value of the piece.

Gem-Cutting (Reason)

This is the art of cutting gems to pleasing shapes without causing flaws.

Hammer Fighting (Vigor)

The most popular weapon of the Dwarves is a hammer, formed completely from stone. This weapon is good for smashing and breaking. This ability is used to attack with this weapon, or other hafted weapons (such as axes).

Survive Torture (Vigor)

This ability is generally used only defensively, although it could be used to make a healing check after being tortured. (This is an exception to the rule that one cannot make a check to heal one’s self.) It is the ability to take large amount of cruel pain and ignore it.

Little People Secrets

Secret of Little People Size

Being a Little Person, your character is smaller than most people in the world, and can use that to his advantage in combat. Gain a bonus die any time your character is avoiding an attack from someone larger than him or any other situation in which his reduced size may help (i.e. an Athletics ability check to wriggle through a pipe.)

Secret of Dwarven Construction

Gain a bonus die on any check to create something out of: stone, metal, or gems.

Secret of the Iron Stomach

Your character has great ability to consume things that would otherwise harm her. Gain one bonus die to resist any poison or drug taken orally, or to resist the effects of spoiled, overly spiced, or otherwise harmful foods.

Little People Keys

Key of the Clan

Your character’s clan is a great part of her identity.

Gain 1 XP whenever your character does something to help the clan.

Gain 2 XP whenever your character defends or helps the clan even though it brings her ridicule or inconvenience.

Gain 5 XP whenever your character defends the clan in battle.

Buyoff: Leave the clan.

Dwarf Race Info

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