Elf Race Info

Elves are the immortal children of the forest. They were created by Umbar, have a love of the woods, and are typically found in forests.

Elf Abilities

Camouflage (Instinct)

This ability is used to stay hidden in plain sight by using natural patterns, covering one’s self with mud or leaves, and otherwise blending in with a wooded environment.

Guerilla Warfare (Instinct)

Unlike Battle, which is standard military tactics knowledge, Guerilla Warfare is your character’s knowledge of alternative tactics which give a smaller force a much greater advantage. It is used for coordinating quick and nasty attacks while hiding in the forest; using noise and trickery to appear to be a larger force, and eliminating your enemies one by one through ambushes.

Past Lives (Reason) – Innate Ability

This is the elven ability to remember many abilities and bits of knowledge from the past. It can be used to remember facts about any ancient landmark or piece of history.

Poetry (Instinct)

This ability is used for composing verse. Elven poetry is most often long and non-rhyming, with strict syllabic patterns for each stanza.

Spear-fighting (Vigor)

The most popular weapon in Khale is a long spear, formed completely from sap-hardened wood. This weapon is good for stabbing from hiding, and with an especially long head, can be grasped closer for fighting up close. This ability is used to attack with this weapon, or other polearms.

Elf Secrets

Secret of the Polymath

In an elf’s life, many abilities have waxed and waned. Using this secret, the elf may use its Past Lives ability as any other ability for an entire scene. Cost: 2 Reason. In addition, the very next available advance the player spends must be used to improve this ability.

Elf Keys

Key of the Eternal Question

Only when she answers this question will she be ready to be the master of all she dreams. Pick a philosophical question for your character. “What is the measure of a hero?” or “Can one know himself better through fulfillment or denial?” are good examples.

Gain 1 XP every time you can apply this question to the situation your character’s in.

Gain 3 XP every time your character risks harm in pursuit of the answer.

Buyoff: Answer the question.

Key of the Lost Child

Your character has no tribe. They are lost to the Green World, or perhaps decimated in battle. It is her duty to carry on the tribe’s name.

Gain 1 XP every time your character tells a story of her tribe.

Gain 2 XP whenever your character defends her tribe’s name or lands in words or in battle.

Gain 5 XP whenever your character finds a new legend of her tribe.

Buyoff: Join another tribe.

Elf Race Info

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