Freyrs Basin

Population: 0

Location: West Zanthia

Religion: no official religion

Alignment: Unaligned

Leadership: none

Aganazzor destroyed Freyr’s Basin with poison during the first part of Trees of Prophecy. Now, the town is abandoned.


Freyr’s Basin is a major trade hub in the Black Hills region of West Zanthia. Freyr’s Basin is a place gather and store the ore before reallocating it to the larger cities in West Zanthia. Freyr’s Basin was founded near Green Lake and always has an abundance of fish and game to feed the many traders, miners, and mercenaries who call Freyr’s Basin home.

The most powerful group in the city is the Trade Guild. They oversee and tax all imports and exports within the city’s walls. Rare ores and items from the surrounding mountains can be found within the markets. For the knowledgeable consumer, there are many illegal imports for purchase within the darker parts of the city.

This year, Freyr’s Basin is the home of The Tournament.

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Freyrs Basin

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