Gias Journal 1

The Journal of Gias Marcallas: First entry

It was our last day of training for the tournament. Lord Samael was his usual ridiculously flamboyant self. At breakfast I was fortunate to meet Xander’s parents; the great Drake Aelarin and his wife Isabel. I will remember them always as honorable and caring people. I pray to Acna that they somehow managed to escape the tragedy that befell our town later that day. Also at breakfast was the Lady Chillon Fatebearer, whom I found to be most off-putting and seemingly appalled by everyone and everything. May my prayers find her safely, nonetheless.

Celthalion, Xander, Maldora and I ate our fill and proceeded to the training grounds. We we’re ambushed by what turned out to be the Lady Olivia and two of the Brothers from our monastery posing as brigands to put the fear of Acna into us. I was nearly taken in by their tricks, I must admit. Olivia wished me luck and courage in the tournament and gifted me with a most valuable treasure, which I recognized to be The Great Wolf’s Symbol of Hope. I am honored to carry the sacred symbol of our order. I will use it to protect my friends and bring glory to Acna. I hope Olivia and the brothers did not linger in town that day. My deepest prayers that they returned safely to the monastery that surely was well out of range of whatever foul power leveled Thor’s Point. For if any of that evil power harmed Olivia, I will bring a reckoning so great it will shake to the very foundations of Acna’s hall itslf.

The last challenges of our training taxed us well. Including a challenge from little Braxus Jr, himself. My heart is heavy at the thought of so little a soul becoming a victim of that day’s evil. It would be a Miracle of Acna, if just this one day he lingered in the training hall beneath the hills, safe from that dark power, as we were when it happened.

Just as we had found our reward for defeating Braxus’ Snake Machines, a wailing shriek echoed off the hills followed by an explosion which rocked the training hall to the core of the world itself.

Everything was destroyed.

Indeed, the destruction carried several miles in every direction, with Thor’s Point at it’s center. Wildlife, vegetation, buildings, the townsfolk… our friends… all gone. Xander wept for his parents for fear they are amongst those crushed by rubble. I even suspect Maldora fears for her mother’s safety. Troubled though she is, she may have lost the last family she had.

We departed at once for the Tournament. We must bring news to the other citizens of West Zanthia, news of the horrible destruction of Thor’s Point and its people. Perhaps Queen Isolde will know what to do.

Gias Journal 1

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