Gias Journal 4

The journal of Gias Marcallas, Fourth Entry

There’s a first time for everything, they say. And this was definitely my first aerial battle with West Zanthian Hippogriph Riders whilst standing atop the back of a White Dragon hundreds of feet above certain death. That sort of thing just doesn’t normally happen to a guy.

Predictably, it was Ivoxam who sent the riders. They had another one of their little scrolls with another little list of reasons we should obey them and allow them to arrest us. Xander sewed confusion in their ranks by posing as his dead father and declaring that we were on a secret mission from the Queen herself.

Whether it was the Riders or the rest of us that were more confused could be debated. Before we could bring the conflict to the ground, Celthalion took a blast at the nearest rider and chaos ensued. We fought the Riders atop the Dragon’s back, an experience I will find hard to forget, the Oracle cackling all the way.

Once on the ground it was little more than a mopping up exercise. I shall make it a personal endeavor, never to be on the receiving end of an angry White Dragon.

Having finally reached the Citadel at the center of the Silsarcian Empire, the Oracle explained to us the current situation and introduced us to their High Priest. We were greet warmly and with great enthusiasm. I have to admit, it’s a nice change of pace, and one I could get used to quite easily.

Apparently, operations regarding Aganazzer will take days to plan so we are to rest here in the Silsarcian capitol.

The foods good, they at least have some standard human fare as well as the more exotic dishes I don’t posses the courage to try. I may never get over the sight of Celthalion and Maldora toasting with mugs full of actual blood. Before I lost the ability to keep my dinner down I found a nice quiet corner of the tavern were a few of the locals were engaging in one of the Realm’s oldest pastimes.They have a fantastic game here with dice that I was able to pick up well enough. I came out ahead, bought a round and made a few new friends.

I caught up with Xander and Celthalion at a gear shop and picked up new enchanted shield. The holy power to heal my comrades does me little good if I myself am no longer breathing. And thanks to my recent winnings and the loot from our adventures, I’ll continue to breath for the foreseeable future.

Gias Journal 4

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