Gias Marcallas

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The Journal of Gias Marcallas:

Day 1


To understand Gias, you must meet his father; Arandur of Arutheill. Arandur, borne of no noble bloodline or house, was a very clever young Elf. Choosing to live in a metropolis of men, teeming with industry and trade, Arandur was able to see all the angles and opportunities within any given situation. Using his talents for personal gain, he quickly built a thriving business before most his age had set aside the concerns of youth for the pursuits of maturity. A self-made business mogul, head of the Queensport Merchant’s Guild and Chairman of the West Zanthian Board of Commerce and Tourism. So successful was his entrepreneurial drive that the wealth and power he amassed for his heir would be the envy of most.

Arandenn of Arutheill

That is, unless you happen to be Arandur’s heir. Arandenn possessed none of his father’s work ethic and ambition. Instead, Arandenn’s passions were far simpler. Wealth was only important for the experiences it granted the wielder. Power and social standing held no allure as attractive as games of luck and chance. Arandenn only used his father’s wealth to indulge himself and did nothing to invest in his future. Food, drink, fine song, finer women and the roll of the dice were the colors with which he painted the canvas of his life. Despite his great love of luck, he actually possessed relatively little of it, resulting in enormous and ever-growing debts to some very formidable citizens and gangsters in the city; chief among them the feared Kalare “Cutthroat” Fellmaro. Arandenn’s father often claimed he had no son, and that the selfish, lazy, screw-up that bore his name was actually a distant relation whom he took pity on and sheltered only to some day cure him of his vices. Arandenn’s debts soon grew so large that not even his father could do much save him. In fact, it was only through Arandur’s many business contacts that Arandenn was able to be safely smuggled out of Queensport and out of the clutches of his various debtors. In return for his son’s freedom, Arandur only asked his son to leave, to vanish. Arandenn had to disappear so thoroughly that he could do no further damage to his father’s reputation and standing. That is how Arandur lost his heir, and it is how Arandenn came to choose a new name and a new life.

Now, calling himself Gias Marcallas, Arandenn left his father’s world behind and followed the trade routes west across the realm. After several years of crisscrossing the countryside, Gias came upon a small monastery outside the town of Thor’s Point , who’s monks worshiped Acna. Seeing this as his chance to start a new life, Gias joined the Order of Acna and met the Lady Olivia, who had just been made Pack Mother and matron of the Order. It is the Pack Mother’s duty to pick those members of the Order destined to become champions of Acna and further the glory of their god. Olivia picked Gias as her first pupil and personally oversaw his training; during which the two grew very close. In fact, the Lady Olivia is the only person besides Gias himself who knows his original birth-name and the story of his past. It was Olivia who gifted Gias with a relic from their Order, The Great Wolf’s Symbol of Hope which Gias carries on his travels. Gias has not seen Olivia since the day of the Tragedy at Thor’s Point.

Gias Marcallas

However well he took to the life of a divine devotee, Gias’s past as Arandenn still haunts his dreams and idle thoughts. He worries it won’t be long before his debts can catch up to him. For there are those back in the city of his youth, those like Kalare “Cutthroat” Fellmaro that still search for Arandenn and have dispatched Cutters and Mercenaries charged with bringing him back to settle his obligations, dead or alive.


Gias is an Elf, and a Cleric of the Order of Acna. He is 41 years of age but appears youthful as do all of Elven blood. He now follows a noble path but was once a selfish drunken gambler and financial drain on his father. He no longer lives off his father’s fortune, instead earning a living protecting some of the border towns near his monastery outside of Thor’s Point and adventuring into the mountains to sharpen and broaden his cleric powers.

Upon graduating from his studies as a champion of Acna, Gias was selected by Lord Samael to represent Thor’s Point in The Tournament.

As Arandenn, he is currently wanted in Queensport for the delinquency of his 50,000 gp in debts that he left unpaid 23 years ago.

Gias Marcallas

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