Il Mendrash

Il’ Mendrash was a holy city built ages ago, before The Old Gods were usurped by The Faith of Man as the dominant spiritual power on the Western Continent. Il’ Mendrash housed The Altar of Acna and a great temple was built around it.

Il’ Mendrash was known for having the most sophisticated houses of healing in the world. The healers of Il’ Mendrash were capable healing the most vile curses, magical diseases, and afflictions.

After The Old Gods were imprisoned, Il’ Mendrash was sacked and many of its inhabitants were burned as heretics.

The site fell into ruins and was forgotten, until recently…

Recently, the city has been re-inhabited by worshipers of The Old Gods. High Priest Gias Marcallas and Judicator Celthalion work tirelessly to restore the The Altar of Acna and the surrounding temple to its former glory.

Allied with Silsarcia, and having driven back the armies of West Zanthia, the burgeoning city of Il’ Mendrash is once again in the hearts and minds of those who are faithful to The Old Gods.

Il Mendrash

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