Isabel Aelarin

Isabel Aelarin (formally Moonbow) was born and raised in the area around Thors Point. She is a highly trained hunter and she uses her skills to hunt & trap animals that she then sells within the town and to travelling merchants. Isabel is a Half-Elf woman whose strong personality is only matched by her beauty. Isabel is now in her 40’s, she has short straight black hair, and is recognized as being only one of a few women in the town that does “men’s work”.

Isabel Aelarin (Moonbow)

Isabel is the daughter of an Elf and Human pairing. Her father was an experienced hunter and having only one child, he taught Isabel to continue in his trade. She became very skilled at this trade and eventually would take over her fathers job as he settled for more of a leisurely lifestyle. Isabel was very young at this time only 20 years of age, but she became an asset to Thors Point because she would hunt & trap animals for food, hides, etc. and sell them within town and to travelling merchants.

Some 25 years ago, When The Black Hills Massacre occured she became very moved to help Queen Isolde’s army solve the situation. She did not want to see this type of destruction/murder happen to her home, so she acted as a guide to the would be 5 saviors of the town. During their time tracking the beast from the mines Isabel became entranced by one of the warriors, Drake, as did he become entranced with her. They grew close as they searched for the beast, and Isabel feared Drake would be killed. Luckily his skill matched his charm and Drake was one of the two survivors from the Queen’s Army.

She was distraught as Drake had to leave, to report to Queen Isolde, but understood that his duties must be done. A short time later Drake returned to Thors Point as Captain of the Guard. He and Isabel were then married and had a child on the way. Isabel’s hunting became a secondary thought to her family. She concentrated more on raising her sons (Zachariah & Xander Drake) than she did on the hunt. Once her children were old enough and could care for themselves, she went back to hunting full time.

It was as if she never quit, still as sharp as ever and her accuracy was unmatched. Now older, Isabel enjoys the life she has made and watches as her sons make a name for themselves. Isabel still hunts and trades her goods for Thors Point. As well as occassionally joining her husband on his duties.

Isabel Aelarin

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