Queen Isolde

Isolde is the queen of West Zanthia. She is a paladin of Thor and rumored to be the finest swordsperson in the entire kingdom of Zanthia.

Isolde ascended to the throne 20 years ago when her father was killed doing battle with the forces of Xyron to the south. Since her ascension, she has become the most aggressive and successful ruler of West Zanthia since its founding 300 years ago.

15 years ago, she began conquering the Black Hills and claiming the lands for West Zanthia. It was during this campaign that Thor’s Point was established. She appointed a trusted adviser from across the sea, Lord Samael, to be the magistrate.

7 years ago, she repelled invading armies from Xyron who had destroyed several of her military outposts in the southern part of West Zanthia.

5 years ago, she forced the Tribunal of Xyron into submission. From then on, Xyron has been forced to pay annual tribute to West Zanthia.

2 years ago, she decreed that West Zanthia was no longer under the governance of East Zanthia. The emperor of East Zanthia seeks to regain control of West Zanthia, but has made no signs that he is willing to use military force to subdue the western half of “his” empire.


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