Kalare Fellmaro

“Cutthroat” Fellmaro

Kalare “Cutthroat” Fellmaro is a notorious gang boss and loan shark in one of the largest cities of West Zanthia. He runs a sizable portion of the organized crime in the city and likes to keep it that way – organized.

“Crime without purpose, is just wasteful.” – Kelare Fellmaro

He came to power not more than 30 years ago but has wasted no time in establishing dominance in the city. He’s half-elf on his mother’s side; his father, an aging politician and good man. You’d never expect a noble such as the Elder Fellmaro to have such a ruthless killer for an heir.

Since Kalare has a significant portion of the local authorities, politicians and military in his pocket, it’s next to impossible to make any meaningful attempt to remove him. Like a huge, stubborn yet familiar blemish, he is everlasting. And he does not tolerate rogue elements within his territory. It is said, the municipal guard patrolling on his turf actually have an easy time of it since any unauthorized deeds of violence or theft are swiftly and efficiently eradicated under Kalare’s orders.

23 years ago, one of Kalare’s lieutenants was handling the account of a local Merchant’s son. The boy Arandenn was a habitual gambler and layabout. Usually one of Kalare’s best customers, Arandenn ended a particularly bad week over 50,000 gp in dept to the gang boss. When Kalare’s men were sent to collect, they could not find the boy or pick up any trace of his escape from the city. Since such insults to his authority are never left unchecked, Kalare put out a contract on the boy’s life. Should he ever set foot in the city again, he would not last the night before being taken in by Kalare’s men, if the assassins don’t find him first.

When questioned about his son’s disappearance, Arandur of Arutheill denied any knowledge of how he escaped or where he was headed. In fact, Arandur had to disown his son to absolve himself of any obligation to cover the boy’s debts.

“Arandenn? He’s no son of mine. Not anymore. He can take responsibility for his own actions. I know not how he has managed to disappear nor where he is headed. Now if you’ll excuse me gentlemen I have business to attend to.” – Arandur of Arutheill

Unbeknownst to Kalare, Arandur did indeed help his son escape with the aid of many old alliances and business contacts. Arandenn was smuggled out of the city and his tracks hidden from his pursuers. And since Arandur held several high positions in the city’s government and Merchant’s Guild, Kalare thought it best to let Arandur’s part in the matter rest.

Kalare Fellmaro

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