Khajiit Race Info

Khajiit are cat people who live in the Forsaken Wastes. They are tribal, nomadic, distrustful of outsiders, and vain.

Khajiit Abilities

Guerilla Warfare (Instinct)

Unlike Battle, which is standard military tactics knowledge, Guerilla Warfare is your character’s knowledge of alternative tactics which give a smaller force a much greater advantage. It is used for coordinating quick and nasty attacks while hiding in the forest; using noise and trickery to appear to be a larger force, and eliminating your enemies one by one through ambushes.

Scrounging (Instinct)

While most Khajiit are very poor, their land is covered with the riches of times past. This ability can be used to find items or materials when they should not be commonly found.

Khajiit Secrets

Secret of Body Weaponry

Your khajiit has innate weapons and armor. This Secret works like the Secret of Imbuement and may be taken multiple times in order to gain more potent or extra weapons and armor.

Secret of Feline Familiarity

You gain a bonus die on all Animal Ken Ability Checks involving felines. In addition, your character can speak to felines in their own language.

Secret of the Shifting Sands

Your character gains a bonus die to Stealth and Guerilla Warfare when in deserts or sandy terrain.

Secret of Vision

Your character can see fine at night and ignores sight-based difficulties within 10 yards.

Khajiit Keys

Key of the Lost Child

Your character has no tribe. They are lost to the sands, or perhaps decimated in battle. It is her duty to carry on the tribe’s name.

Gain 1 XP every time your character tells a story of her tribe.

Gain 2 XP whenever your character defends her tribe’s name or lands in words or in battle.

Gain 5 XP whenever your character finds a new legend of her tribe.

Buyoff: Join another tribe.

Key of the Tribe

Your character’s tribe is a great part of her identity.

Gain 1 XP whenever your character does something to help the tribe.

Gain 2 XP whenever your character defends or helps the tribe even though it brings her ridicule or inconvenience.

Gain 5 XP whenever your character defends the tribe in battle.

Buyoff: Leave the tribe.

Khajiit Race Info

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