Meow! Ok, satisfied? Just because I have a tail and fluffy ears doesn’t mean I know how to speak cat, well I do, but that’s not the point. Well if ya buy me an Ale I’ll share my tale, no, not that one… My story…

Well my story starts a bit before I was born. You see my mother was away from camp late one eve when she… No I don’t know what she was doing, it’s not important. Well she saw smoke in the distant, coming from her tribe’s current location. She traveled to the camp only to find it in ruins. The tents were set aflame and not a soul could be found. Well she gathered what she could after the fires went out and traveled towards civilization. I was born in a nearby town and my mother got a job at a local tavern. Well growing up in a tavern was fun, I got to hear all kinds of stories, I got to meet all kinds of people, and people would give me stuff for playing my flute or singing.

Well as I got older I decided to go out into the world and see the world I heard about all my life. At first it was kind of scary but in time I learned my way about things. I traveled with different people here and there, some taught me things, some wanted company, and others were looking for a sucker. You learn what to watch out for or you wake up in a gutter, if you wake up at all. A quick wit, a quick claw and the ability to move like few can has kept me alive and happy. Being hot is just a bonus, hehehe. Well my friend thanks for the Ale but I’m afraid I have things to do. Oh, your name wouldn’t happen to be Jax? No… Oh well, that would of saved me some time. Well good eve to you…

Oh, you know Jax? Good, will he be here soon? Ah, well let him know, Shadow Cat is waiting for him. Why yes, that is an unusual name. No, no, it’s not my real name; I just go by that one. Sorry, but I only tell that to my friends, but if you want to know why I’m called Shadow Cat it will cost you an Ale.

Well it all starts back to before I was born. You see my mother tribe was wiped out by mysterious attackers. They set fire to all the tents and it was magical fire. My mother was away from the camp at the time of the attack and wasn’t there when it happened but she did return afterwards and entered the camp. While she was there she breathed in the smoke from said magical fire… No, that’s not why, but it is the cause, so left me finish. As I said it was smoke from a magical fire and it affected me in the womb… Ah, a womb is, err… her tummy… Anyways the smoke changed me. You see, my dark fur is not a normal color for our kind. Well when I was little my mother worked in a tavern and I would be underfoot most days. I would sit in the corner or off to the side and when I would speak to Old Orlif he would jump and say (She speaks in a deep voice) “Lords child, stop jumping out of the shadows…” When I got older and started to play the flute and sing, he would tout, come see the Shadow Cat, feline singer from the wilds. That was more interesting then my real name and had a touch of showmanship to, and well the name just stuck.

Well thanks for the Ale and if Jax shows up, I’ll be over there.

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