Lady Olivia

Lady Olivia Morganna

Lady Olivia Morganna is the current Pack Mother and matron of the Order of Acna at the monastery in the Black Hills.

Olivia Morganna can trace her lineage back to one of the original four members of the Pack; the heroes who first formed the Order. The leadership of the Order has passed through her bloodline for centuries, falling to her on her 30th birthday. Now in her late 40’s, Olivia helps train and mentor the members of the Order. Those who later become Champions of Acna, are hand-picked by the Order’s Pack Mother for special training and holy dedication to Acna. They are then sent out into the world as missionaries to spread awareness of their Order and to join other followers of Acna in bringing glory to their god.

Lady Olivia most recently oversaw the training of Gias Marcallas. A troubled youth, who was wandering the Black Hills on the run from the demons of his past. Gias joined the Order just as Olivia was made Pack Mother and was the first devotee to graduate under her leadership. Some have speculated that the two grew close during Gias’ time at the monastery. The day Gias completed his training for The Tournament, Lady Olivia visited him just before the Tragedy at Thor’s Point. She gifted Gias with The Great Wolf’s Symbol of Hope and bade it bring him luck, courage and safe travels for him and his companions.

Lady Olivia and Gias Marcallas

Lady Olivia

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