The Faith of Man is one of the three main Religions in the campaign world. The Faith of Man is the official Religion of West Zanthia, the kingdom in which the players live.

The gods of The Faith (called the mortal gods, the human gods, the new gods) are humanoids and are said to live above the world, in the clouds.

Major gods:

Zanthulor (Zan): founder and first emperor of the Zanthian Empire. Zanthulor is the god of law and truth.

Forseti: god of justice and retribution.

Freya: goddess of sex, fertility, and wealth.

Freyr: god of weather and fertility.

Frigg: goddess of love and fertility.

Hod: god of winter, ice, and cold.

Loki: god of thieves, deception, and trickery.

Nanna: goddess of the moon and the night.

Njord: god of wind and sea.

Odin: god of poetry, wisdom, prophecy, and death.

Thor: god of thunder, lightning, and storms.

Tyr: god of war.


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