Aelarin, Drake, Xander Drake Aelarin’s father

Aelarin, Isabel, Xander Drake Aelarin’s mother

Aelarin, Zachariah, Xander Drake Aelarin’s elder brother

Aganazzor the Scorcher, rebel commander. Determined to rid the Western Continent of Zanthia

Arandur of Arutheill, father of Arandenn (Gias Marcallas)

Blackthorn, Lord Samael, mayor of Thor’s Point

Daelkyr the Elder Orb, beholder king of Tyrant’s Reach

Fatebearer, Abelard, Maldora Fatebearer’s father

Fatebearer, Elvira, Maldora Fatebearer’s sister

Isolde, queen of West Zanthia

Ivoxam, former High Priest of The Faith of Man in West Zanthia

Fellmaro, Kelare “Cutthroat”

Lady Olivia of the Order of Acna

Master of Fates, The, one of the Dread Powers.

Oracle, The, leader of New Silsarcia.

Sal, master of Trade and Dark Necromancy

Zanthulor, founder of the Zanthian Empire one of the gods of The Faith of Man


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