Part 1 Recap

A weapon of great and terrible power, The Fatebearer was created by Elvira Fatebearer, a young warlock who had sworn her allegiance to The Master of Fates, one of the Dread Powers Beyond the Stars. The Master of Fates had bestowed the knowledge necessary to create The Fatebearer upon her in a dream. The Master of Fates told her that it was what had become of her father, Abelard Fatebearer after Queen Isolde of West Zanthia had killed him 15 years ago and that the weapon she would build would continue his great work.

Elvira Fatebearer met a militant dragonborn lord named Aganazzor, who wanted nothing more than to drive the West Zanthians from the continent. Elvira allied with Aganazzor and told to him the secrets of its operation.

Aganazzor used The Fatebearer six times against West Zanthia in his divine quest to drive the Zanthians from the western continent. Thousands dies. Thousands more were twisted, corrupted, or ruined. The land itself suffered under power of the dark magic.

Eventually, Aganazzor was defeated at Il’ Mendrash by a band of adventurers from the small West Zanthian town of Thor’s Point, which had been the first of Aganazzor’s targets.

Before they killed him, Aganazzor told the adventurers that it was his true desire to free the The Old Gods from captivity. Umbar, the great tree, had imprisoned the The Old Gods centuries ago with the help of Zanthulor, founder of Zanthian Empire. As a reward for his loyalty, The Old Gods elevated Zanthulor and his closest allies to become lesser gods. Thus the deities of The Faith of Man were born.

Aganazzor, knowing that his death was near, bestowed upon the adventurers a powerful ritual that could remove Umbar’s taint from the Altars of the Old Gods. Aganazzor had come to Il’ Mendrash to free the Altar of Acna.

The adventurers, loathing the deities of The Faith of Man, took the ritual with gratitude, vowed to defeat Umbar, and free the The Old Gods. The adventurers proceeded to reclaim The Fatebearer from one of Aganazzor’s generals, return with it to Il’ Mendrash, and protect the Altar of Acna.

They allied themselves with Silsarcia, for the Psilons also wanted to free the The Old Gods, although with somewhat more respect for human life than Aganazzor. Silsarcia sent supplies to the adventurers in Il’ Mendrash so that they could build a true and lasting outpost and defend the altar from all threats.

They did not have to wait long. Within a month, Ivoxam, a high priest of The Faith of Man and counselor to Queen Isolde, brought an army to bear against the adventurers. Ivoxam had a long and sordid history with the adventurers, trying to frame them for a list of offenses and have them killed on several occasions. When they realized that they were outnumbered by 10-to-1, the adventurers used The Fatebearer to destroy Ivoxam’s army.

Most died immediately. The remaining few, however, were mutated and corrupted by the magic of The Fatebearer. Their bodies were ripped halfway into the shadow plane and they existed simultaneously in both planes, living a tortured existence until their deaths. This army, ruined as it was, rode forth to do battle against the adventurers at Il’ Mendrash. The adventurers were victorious.

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Part 1 Recap

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