Part 2 Prologue

West Zanthia

With Ivoxam’s death and her country’s decimation at the hands of Aganazzor the Scorcher and The Fatebearer, The Queen declared High Alert for West Zanthia. All settlements in West Zanthia were placed under the control of the servants of The Faith of Man. Anyone entering or exiting a settlement would be required to undergo several divinations to determine their intentions.

Many of her counselors advised her to realign with the eastern portion of the Zanthian Empire, but she would not reduce herself to that, not yet at least.

Paranoia and pessimism had become rampant in Zanthia, rumors of the apocalypse spread like goblins. Some claimed that the destruction in Zanthia was a sign that the gods no longer cared. Others thought that those who had died were heretics and this was the gods’ will.

Meanwhile, Zanthia’s wisest scholars were put to work examining The Zones. The Zanthian scholar, Thorimbar, recently discovered that The Zones were increasing in size rather than dispersing.


The Oracle was placed in charge of The Blood Plains (now called New Silsarcia). Under her guiding influence, the draconic tribes of The Blood Plains were united under the Silsarcian banner.

With the New Ak’ Anon Research Center (NARC) and the Altar of Acna (in Il’ Mendrash) now firmly within their domain, the Silsarcians focused on consolidating their power while West Zanthia tore itself apart.

Much of The Oracle’s time was spent gazing over ancient texts in order to find the whereabouts of the lost Altars of the Old Gods.


Xyron was still locked in internal struggles. Habius Nightshade was still a captive of West Zanthia and the power vacuum created by his absence was tempting enough to cause countless civil battles. Ziloch Elfbleeder and Alistrina the Terrible warred viciously, each trying to gain the upper hand in Xyron and reduce the Tribunal to one.

With Ziloch Elfbleeder and Alistrina the Terrible focused on destroying each other, it seemed likely that Daelkyr the Elder Orb, beholder king of Tyrant’s Reach would seize Habius’ realm. This boded well for very few in the realm, for Daelkyr the Elder Orb and the beholders of Tyrant’s Reach held a special disdain for creatures with legs (or “the falling” as the beholders call them).

As if the civil war wasn’t problem enough, Xyron has recently come under attack from demons, devils, and other unsavory beings from The Underworld. A band of devils has even taken control of Fort Bloodmoon, within the realm of Ziloch Elfbleeder.

New Ak’ Anon Research Center (NARC)

Elvira Fatebearer continued researching the Old People and how to use their creations. Allied with Silsarcia, she had a constant supply of soldiers and item creation components.

She has mastered the powers of the Temple of Change and, with it, has begun creating an army of magically-enhanced Psilon and demon soldiers.

In attempting to create The Fatebearer Mk. II, she has exhausted her reserves of Fated Ore, the material out of which she had created both The Fatebearer itself as well as the focusing daggers.

Il’ Mendrash

The Merchants of Justice had, for the most part, spent their time rebuilding the city and looking for opportunities.

Gias Marcallas was declared High Priest. He spent his time overseeing the temple’s construction, praying for guidance, and healing the sick. The little time he had that was not devoted to work he spent his time with Lady Olivia.

Celthalion became Lord Protector of the temple and Il’ Mendrash. He spent his time training soldiers, overseeing the reconstruction and fortification of the city proper, and eliminating threats to Il’ Mendrash and its people.

Maldora Fatebearer was supposed to be in charge of developing a school of the arcane, but she became increasingly distant and obsessed with The Fatebearer instead. She spent her time researching The Fatebearer, trying to contact her father, and pouring over the tomes she had inherited.

Corporal Scale and his battalion of Silsarcian soldiers remained stationed at Fort Scale, on the outskirts of the city. He spent his time communicating with Silsarcia, protecting trade routes, and ensuring that The Oracle’s will was manifested within Il’ Mendrash.

Ms. Snarls opened the first and only tavern and inn in Il’ Mendrash: The Snarling Gnome. She spent her time brewing, harassing Sal, and snarling at patrons.

Sal declared himself Master of Trade and Dark Necromancy. He seemed to do a pretty decent job, although the city became saturated with knick knacks, second-hand merchandise, and less-than-perfect™ magical items. Sal spent his time bookkeeping, running a shop, and practicing Late-Night Necromancy©.

Xander Drake Aelarin had pretty much disappeared altogether. Initially, he led expeditions into The Zones to see if he could find a way to destroy them, but several failures and the loss of many men weighed heavily on him. For a while, he would return to Il’ Mendrash to inform the other Merchants of Justice what he had seen. He ordered them to destroy The Fatebearer. Although Gias sympathized (and wanted it destroyed, too), The Merchants decided to keep it as a warning for Zanthia and other realms.

After he lost the argument about destroying The Fatebearer, he said he would find another way to bring The Old Gods back. He left Il’ Mendrash and has been gone ever since…

Part 2 Prologue

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