Psil, the Great Serpent

Psil is the god of magic, knowledge, subtlety, lies, deception, and diplomacy.

In the early days of the Elder Gods, Psil followed Umbar everywhere and learned many of the Words of Power from Umbar. With this knowledge, he created dragons.

First and most powerful among the dragons was Bheilorveilthion the Crimson. Psil taught much of what he knew to Bheilorveilthion.

When humanoids were discovered, Psil saw potential in them. Psil thought that they were capable of great things. After a time, Psil taught the humanoids some of the lesser Words of Power (the use of which they call magic), directly opposing the will of Umbar. For this, the Great Serpent became reviled by the Umbar and Eiden. They labeled him a liar, corrupter, and deceiver.

Many humanoids began worshiping Psil exclusively (instead of worshiping the entire pantheon, as had been tradition) and this made Umbar and the other gods angrier.

The First Elder War was waged against Psil. Bheilorveilthion and legions of humanoids sided with Psil, but the they were beaten. Psil was made to apologize for violating Umbar’s decree and was forced to promise never to teach the Words of Power to lesser beings again. The Great Serpent withdrew from the company of the other gods and began to work alone and in secret.

Psil began experimenting with magic to create new races beings in his own image, seeking to improve upon the dragons. He tried, unsuccessfully, many times. He could not manage to create anything as magnificent as the dragons.

Eventually, he turned his thoughts to the humanoids. From the humanoids, he created his chosen children: the Psilons (called Serpentborn by other races). The Psilons possessed what he thought were the finest traits of both humanoids and serpents.

The other gods followed Psil’s example and began creating new breeds of creatures in their own images.

Umbar, fearing that the other gods were going to upset the balance in the world and bring it to ruin, chose mortal champions to help him fight against the other gods. The Second Elder War was waged and Psil was never seen thereafter.


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