Psilon Race Info

Psilons are half snake, half man. They were created by Psil, typically live in Silsarcia, and have mastery over herbs and poisons.

Psilon Abilities

Bladework (Instinct)

This ability is used for all sorts of intricate knife skills, from cutting paper-thin slices of meat and vegetables, to vivisection, to cutting down your enemy with a long dagger. It can be used to perform skilled work with any well-made sharp knife.

Distill Herbs (Reason)

This ability is used to draw out the essence of plants and strengthen them for good or ill.

Herb Lore (Reason)

This ability is used to identify poisonous and altering plants, as well as properly harvest them for use.

Taste Poisons (Instinct)

This ability is used to detect poisons and drugs through taste and smell. Successful ability checks may be used to add bonus dice to the inevitable Endure check that will be needed to ward off the effects of tasting poison.

Psilon Secrets

Secret of Healing Venom

Your character can distill infusions that have an unusual effect: they shock the body into healing. These infusions still harm the imbiber if her Endure check is unsuccessful. If successful, however, the character is healed of a harm equal to or less than the infusion’s potency. Cost: 2 Reason.

Secret of Metastasis

Your character can increase and add to infusions’ effects with great skill. As many effects as you like can be added to drugs and poisons that she distills. Cost: 2 Reason for each extra effect past the first.

Secret of the Serpent Blade

By boiling an infusion down to a sticky substance, it can be applied to any sharp surface, usable indefinitely, until the object actually pierces someone. Cost: 1 Vigor.

Psilon Keys

Key of the Overlord

Your character owns other people or oversees the ownership of others.

Gain 1 XP every time your character makes someone else do something against her will.

Gain 3 XP every time your character makes someone else do something that causes harm, pain, or despair to that person.

Free a person under your ownership or oversight.

Psilon Race Info

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