Population: ~50,000 (65% human, 10% dwarf, 10% elf, 5% eladrin, 5% half elf. less than 5% other)

Location: West Zanthia

Religion: Norse

Alignment: Lawful Good

Leadership: Queen Isolde (and advisers)


Queensport is the capital city of West Zanthia, until recently it was called Zanth (after Zanthulor, founder and first emperor of the Zanthian Empire). Queensport was renamed when Queen Isolde declared herself the supreme ruler of West Zanthia and declared West Zanthia’s independence from East Zanthia.

Queensport is a huge, walled port city. At the heart of the city is the Great Temple of Odin, where The Oracle of Odin resides. Queen Isolde has claimed the temple as her palace and holds court within its walls.

For those seeking passage to the eastern continent, the docks district is located on the eastern side of the city. The West Zanthian armada’s flagship, The Queen’s Fury, can usually be found in port or out in the bay surrounding the docks.

Queensport is the best place on the western continent to find goods from the eastern continent: luxury goods from East Zanthia, strange alchemical and magical items from The Academy, dwarven weapons and armors from Baruk Azhik, and even eldarin wonders from Caelcorwyn all find their way into the city.

West Zanthia has, however, decreed that all trade with Silsarcia, Xyron, and The Shattered Isles is illegal. Smuggling such goods into the city is a capital offense.

Crime is minimal in the capital, due in no small part to the guard being equipped with Black Iron, which helps them magically locate violent activities. Also, criminals fear being seen by the eyes of The Oracle.

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