Sal is a self-proclaimed Master of Trade (and Dark Necromancy, but only between 2 and 4 AM). He is from Psil City, the capital of Silsarcia and developed a reputation as a merchant of oddities and as The First Bearded Psilon.

His first encounter with The Merchants of Justice was a mixed experience. He thought Xander Drake Aelarin was hitting on him and attempted to have Xander arrested for loitering and harassment. He also gave Celthalion a tricorn hat that he wears to this day.

Later encounter with Sal resulted in The Merchants buying carts covered in junk, zombie orcs, and less-than-instant teleportation spells from him.

When The Merchants of Justice were granted control of Il’ Mendrash by The Oracle, she sent Sal to bring them supplies and whatever assistance they needed.

Sal now resides in Il’ Mendrash and deals with balancing the books, buying and selling cursed magical items, Late-Night Necromancy¬©, and Mastery of Trade.


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