Spirit Magic Info

Spirit-talkers (a.k.a. Sorcerers)

Some, through birth or training, find themselves walking the path of the sorcerer. These people can speak to the dead, get rid of evil spirits, and even bind sasha and zamani to new bodies.

Conversing with roho and sasha is considered fine magic to use, and families will often consult sorcerer to contact their loved dead. Consorting with zamani, however, is dark magic, indeed, and any sorcerer known to do so is shunned. These necromancers will live deep within the jungle, performing their dark rites.

Roho can be:

  • Contacted. The spirit of a living thing can be spoken with. The spirit knows nothing that the person or animal would not normally know, but if a person is in conflict, their spirit might just be spiteful, and give information they would not. Contacting the roho of a person or animal without their consent is difficult, and cannot be done without trapping them.
  • Severed. To sever one’s roho is to render their body will-less and barely alive. As long as the roho lives, the body will as well, but will only act on command from the sorcerer who severed the spirit. This is definitely considered a black art.

Sasha can be:

  • Contacted. A sorcerer can easily speak with the half-dead. Their answers are up to them.
  • Given form. A sorcerer can let a sasha take spectral form and move freely. They can perform no physical act upon the tangible world, and cannot be harmed by physical means.
  • Bound. Sasha can be bound into their original bodies. The body must either be in good health, or ritually prepared. This same ritual is used to restore a severed roho to its body.
  • Severed. With this ritual, one can get rid of a spectral or bound sasha.

Zamani can be:

  • Given form. An evil sorcerer can give the zamani spectral form. They have few real features, appearing as withered, hungry ghosts.
  • Bound. Zamani can be bound into dead bodies, either fresh dead or ritually prepared. Unlike sasha, these do not have to be their original bodies, and can even be animal bodies.
  • Controlled. Zamani are bitter, hateful things with no want except to kill their summoner and return to death. A sorcerer can impose his will upon them with this ritual.
  • Severed. The beloved ritual of the zamani, this returns them to their sleep.

Crunchy Bits

Sasha and Zamani

When sasha or zamani come into the living world, either as a spirit or bound to a body, there are limits to their abilities.

Sasha start as they were in life, but have half of their normal pools, and their ability ranks are capped at the success level of the ability check used to summon them, minus one. The number of combined Secrets and Keys they can have are also capped at the success level. Success level 6 grants full restoration, including pools and Secrets. If bound to a dead body, they are automatically severed when broken.

Playing a Sasha

Players with dead characters should feel free to have their characters brought back through Qek sorcery. They do obey all normal rules on pool and ability caps, but can gain experience for as long as they remain in the living world. If severed, they must be re-summoned and hope again for a skilled sorcerer.

Zamani can have no Keys. They start with abilities like beasts with Unskilled rank in each ability, and have no pools. They have advances equal to three times the success level of the ability check used to summon them. Half of these advances are spent by the player, if a player’s character has summoned a zamani; the other half are spent by the Story Guide. If bound to a dead body, they are automatically severed when bloodied.

Spirit Magic Secrets

Secret of the Sorcerer

Either through an unusual birth or training, your character has the power of the sorcerer. She knows the rituals for contacting spirits, and can attempt this by spending one Vigor and using the Pray ability. This ritual takes about fifteen minutes to perform.

Ritual of Spectral Form

This ritual gives form to a sasha or zamani spirit upon a successful Create ability check. This ritual takes about half an hour to perform. Cost: 1 Vigor and 1 Instinct. Prerequisite: Secret of the Sorcerer.

Ritual of Binding

The sorcerer with this ritual can bind a spectral sasha or zamani spirit to a body. This requires no ability check, and costs one Vigor. However, an unwilling spirit can make a Resist ability check. If successful, the sorcerer must spend a number of Vigor points equal to the spirit’s success level. This ritual takes at least an hour to perform. Cost: 1+Vigor. Prerequisite: Secret of the Sorcerer.

Ritual of Severance

Using this ritual, a Sorcerer can sever a spirit with a successful Dueling ability check. This has no cost, but the Sorcerer has a penalty die unless her roho is separated from her body. Speaking of that, a Sorcerer can use this ritual to separate her roho from her body, severing herself. She can rejoin with her body simply by having her roho touch it and willing it so, but rival Sorcerer might take advantage of this situation. Note that sasha and zamani might well have this ritual and fight back if one is spectral. This ritual takes one minute to perform if bound to one’s body; if spectral, it’s instantaneous as the two spirits fight. Prerequisite: Secret of the Sorcerer, or be a sasha or zamani.

Ritual of Zamani Control

This ritual allows the Sorcerer to convince a zamani given form to do something besides destroy blindly, given a successful Sway ability check. Their need for destruction is so great that normal social interaction will not work. This ritual requires nothing more than special intonation and a hand signal. Prerequisite: Secret of the Sorcerer.

Ritual of Vessel Preparation

By removing all organs and applying powders, stuffing, and wax, one can prepare a dead body to accept a spirit with a successful Fine Crafts ability check. This not only allows a long-dead sasha to inhabit their old body, but has the added advantage of making the body much less vulnerable to physical harm. The body cannot be bloodied – all bloodied harm counts as bruised. Instead, after being broken, the spirit is automatically severed. What can make a ritually prepared vessel even more powerful is combining this ritual with the Secret of Imbuement.

Spirit Magic Info

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