The Black Hills Massacre

Some 25 Years ago Queen Isolde established Thors Point, a small mining community in the kingdom of West Zanthia. The people of Thors Point were to begin extracting some of the natural resources out of the Black Hills nearby.

Not experienced with this type of excavation the workers plowed into the Black Hills without any caution for what lie beneath the earth. The first mines were a success, finding exactly what Queen Isolde was looking for, Black Iron. Mining harder and faster the workers found themselves deeper and deeper underground in the Black Hills.

One fateful day a group of miners thought they spotted a new a rare mineral in the mines. It looked the same as Black Iron but it began to pulse with a reddish glow. They kept digging and the Iron glowed even brighter. What they didn’t realize is that the Iron was warning them, trying to prevent them from digging any further.

With the next strike of the mining pick the miners had broken into an open chasm, releasing something, some unspeakable horror that had been sealed away for centuries. Blinded by it’s appearance the miners couldn’t escape, they were slaughtered, everyone of them. Making it’s way through the mines it slaughtered everyone it could find, as if it were making up for the years of isolation stuck within the Black Hills.

After several days the mines were silent of workers, like some forgotten ghost town. Fearing death, nobody from Thors Point even ventured near the mines. Not wanting to risk the closing of her mine, Queen Isolde issued for one of her high ranking captains to take a team to Thors Point, kill the beast, and further protect the miners from such future incidents. Not wanting to risk their own lives for such a small town, the captains chosen to go sent the less experienced, more expendable warriors to do the task. Five young, eager warriors were sent to Thors Point.

For days the five warriors tracked the beast through the mines, with the help of a local hunter (Isabel Moonbow). Eventually they trapped the beast in it’s own resting place deep in the mines. The battle was fierce and seemed to last forever, but the beast did fall. Not without some casualties, out of the five warriors sent to Thors Point, only two survived killing the beast, Drake Aelarin and Samael Blackthorn (Now known as Lord Samael). None of this could have been accomplished without the help of Isabel Moonbow, who also survived.

The three that survived became known as heros in the town, rewarded with praise and celebration. Queen Isolde gave the rank of Captain to Drake Aelarin and asked that we stay in Thors Point to protect the miners, a deed for which he accepted appreciately. He returned as Captain of the Guard and married the hunter who helped slay the beast. Although it has never been forgotten amongst the towns people or the warriors who survived, the town returned to normal. Now stronger and wiser in their ways.

The Black Hills Massacre

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