The Cosmos

Beyond the confines of the world, ancient entities and intelligences dwell. These beings are sometimes called the Dread Powers.

Cults are typically dedicated to worshiping a single Dread Power. The most powerful warlocks are have been said to have communed with a Dread Power and their tales describe the stuff of madness.

An incomplete list of the Dread Powers is listed below:

Caiphon, the Dream Whisperer, whose direction lies beyond the farthest void

Delban, the Master of Fates

Gibbeth the Endless, who was slain before the Primordials’ forge fires were lit

Hadar, the Ebon Hunger

Ihbar, whose expansive hunger consumes all

Khirad, whose radiance reveals gruesome secrets

Ulban, whose blue-white light pierces the mind

Zhudun, whose dead face

The Cosmos

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