The Fatebearer

Created by Elvira Fatebearer, The Fatebearer (sometimes called “The Weapon”) looks like a large statue of a four-headed chimera. The statue is made of a metal of unknown origin.

When activated, The Fatebearer can harness the power of The Master of Fates to bring ruin and destruction to the world. An area, approximately five miles in radius, is affected by the blast.

Most entities within the blast die, although some have been twisted or corrupted instead.

The lands within the blast are fundamentally altered and are collectively referred to as The Zones. Entities that have entered The Zones and survived have reported wildly varied tales of the nature and inhabitants of The Zones. But all reports suggest that the normal laws of nature do not apply.

Scholars who have examined the issue closely believe that The Zones are expanding on their own.

The Fatebearer

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