The Old Gods

Worship of The Old Gods is one of the three main religious sets in the campaign world. The Old Gods are widely worshiped by beastmen (e.g., yaun-ti, minotaur, etc.), intelligent animals, and druids.

The Old Gods are said to have lived on the world in ages past, but have separated their physical forms from the world when humanoids arose and began building their civilizations. The Old Gods are said to have created many of the bestial races.

Major Gods:

Eiden, the eagle. God of nobility and battle.

Acna, the wolf. Goddess of protection, wilderness, travel, trade, and patron of the weak.

Umbar, the treant. God of nature and preservation.

Tiamet (aka Bheilorveilthion the Crimson), the dragon. Goddess of dragons and wealth.

Psil, the serpent. God of magic, knowledge, subtlety, lies, deception, and diplomacy.

Ulrach, the spider. Goddess of gluttony, dark magic, and lust.

The Old Gods

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