The Zones

A Zone is often (but not always) created when The Fatebearer is fired. A full Zone was not, for example, present in Thor’s Point (the first known blast in Zanthia.

When a Zone is created, the several-mile wide blast area becomes something very different than what it was before the blast. The whole area becomes covered in a dark, swirling fog. Alien flora and fauna appear. The natural laws cease to apply.

Few who ventured into The Zones returned, those who have are both mentally and physically malformed. These poor souls scream of the horrors the encountered: maddening whispers, mouths in the ground, eyes everywhere, and tentacles.

Until recently, it was hoped that these Zones would dissipate over time. That the Zones were residual evil caused by the presence of The Fatebearer’s dark magic.

However, Zanthian scholars recently discovered that the The Zones are expanding…

The Zones

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