Tiefling Race Info

Tieflings are the spawn of demons, devils, and men. Their presence is usually cursed. They have an intimate knowledge of the Underworld and its denizens. Large communities of Tieflings are quite rare because Tieflings are rarely inclined to trust one another.

Tiefling Abilities

Underworld Bond (Instinct)

This ability allows the user to travel in and navigate the Underworld. A successful roll is necessary to enter the Underworld. With another successful roll, one can navigate anywhere in the world, or anywhere in the Underworld one has already been. Accessing the Underworld is easier in areas with death, disease, dark magic, etc. and more difficult in areas with sunlight, churches to the gods of The Faith of Man, celebrations, etc..

Tiefling Secrets

Secret of Dark Transport

Your character may bring others with her when she travels into the Underworld, holding the portal open for them. The infernal beings will hold you responsible for your visitors’ actions. Cost: 1 Vigor per person.

Secret of the Iron Mind

Your character can refresh Reason whenever she defeats someone else in a one-on-one personal contest of any type, as long as it has been established as a contest between the two.

Aura of Demonic Resilience

Your character’s aura is palpable, bringing a strange thickness to the air. When physically attacked, you can spend from your Reason pool to lower damage on a one-for-one basis.

Aura of the Archfiend

Your character’s aura waxes as he enforces his will, making him appear taller and more threatening. On any attempt to intimidate someone or convince them of your character’s opinion, you may add a bonus die.

Aura of the Darkspawn

Your character’s aura is brighter than normal when close up, but no brighter when far away. This allows you and your friends to see fine at night, and eliminates any sight-based difficulties within 10 yards.

Secret of Devil Vision

Your character is gifted with excellent night vision. You can never receive any penalties for low-light conditions.

Tiefling Keys

Key of Wealth

Your character jealously guards his possessions, afraid that someone will try to take them at first opportunity.

Gain 1 XP every time your character gains a new possession by his skills – not when one is given to him or bought.

Gain 2 XP every time your character gains a new possession by fighting for it.

Gain 5 XP whenever your character successfully defends his possessions against theft.

Buyoff: Give away your possessions permanently.

Tiefling Race Info

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