Ulrachian Race Info

Ulrachians are half spider, half man. They were created by Ulrach. They typically dwell in dark places, practice the dark arts, and drink dark drinks.

Ulrachian Abilities

Assassination (Instinct)

The art of quick and often mysterious death is the domain of this ability. It can only be used to kill an individual who is unaware that your character is trying to do so. It should be used for all inventive method of death, such as spraying an infusion into the mucus membranes of a target.

Camouflage (Instinct)

This ability is used to stay hidden in plain sight by using natural patterns, covering one’s self with mud or leaves, and otherwise blending in with a mountainous or rocky environment

Smuggling (Reason)

Smuggling not only involves the skill of hiding illegal or restricted items in ordinary baggage, but also knowing how to find a buyer for the items in a foreign land.

Ulrachian Secrets

Secret of Addiction

Your character is addicted to a substance or behavior. You cannot refresh any pools if it has been longer than a day since your character took part in this addiction. In addition, your character can never refresh Vigor normally: instead, he only refreshes Vigor through taking part in this addiction. This refreshment can only happen once per day, but there is a boon. Your character can take part in the addiction, however, as often you like, and one point of Vigor is returned each time after the first refreshment of the day.

Secret of Body Weaponry

Your Ulrachian has innate weapons and armor. This Secret works like the Secret of Imbuement and may be taken multiple times in order to gain more potent or extra weapons and armor. If you have the Secret of Adaptability, these weapons and armor can be changed under the same circumstances: when Vigor is refreshed, but no pool refreshment is taken.

Secret of the Chameleon

Your character’s skin can change color, and instinctively does. You always have a bonus die to hide against brown, black, grey, or dark green: basically, natural colors and rough stone.

Secret of Spider Companions

Your character always has a dozen spiders around him, living in his pockets, scurrying on the floor, or the like. As a whole, they have the following abilities:

Endure: Unskilled

React: Adept

Resist: Unskilled

Scrapping: Unskilled

Stealth: Competent

They scatter immediately if hit, even in Bringing Down the Pain, and do not return until the next scene.

Ulrachian Keys

Key of the Self

Your character is a spawn of Ulrach, dedicated to the self.

Gain 1 XP every time he ignores the request of another in order to fulfill his own goals.

Gain 3 XP every time he ignores someone in need for himself.

Buyoff: Put yourself in harm’s way to help another.

Ulrachian Race Info

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