West Zanthia

Population: Mostly human (70%)

Government: Until 2 years ago, West Zanthia was part of the Zanthian Empire and Isolde was the regent in charge of the western part of the empire. Queen Isolde declared West Zanthia’s independence from East Zanthia, citing “the emperor’s misallocation of resources and inability to protect the realm” as her main justifications for the rebellion. Now, West Zanthia is a monarchy under the direct control of Queen Isolde and her advisers.

Capital: Queensport, formerly known as Zanth

Religion: The Faith of Man

Summary: West Zanthia is a mostly human kingdom on the western continent. West Zanthia shares the continent with several bestial nations: the Ulrachians of Xyron, the Psilons of Silsarcia, and the various bestial tribes of The Forsaken Wastes.

In spite of a lack of allies, Isolde has personally overseen the growth, prosperity, and defense of West Zanthia. Zanthia’s military has recently been revolutionized with the deployment of the first elite battalion of hippogriff-riding knights.

Most recently, Zanthia has claimed the ore-rich region known as the Black Hills. She also captured Habius Nightshade, one of the Tribunal of Xyron. She seeks to gain political advantage by ransoming him back to Xyron.

Zanthia’s success has infuriated the governments of Xyron and Silsarcia. Although the nations are historically enemies, they may be willing to put aside their past hostilities and work against what they think of as “the human plague” on the continent.

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West Zanthia

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