Words of Corruption

Level 5 Ritual (Arcana)

The words of the Dark Speech, whispered softly, can unmake the very fabric of reality.

Time: 10 minutes

Duration: (see below)

Component Cost: 100gp

Key Skill: Arcana

Words of Corruption allows the caster to disintegrate 1 cubic foot of matter per round (there are certain types of matter that are unaffected by Words of Corruption). The number of rounds that the spell can be maintained is equal to the Arcana check (minimum 15, see below).

Each round that the spell is maintained, the caster takes one cumulative point of fire damage (e.g., if the spell is maintained for three rounds, the caster takes 6 points of fire damage… 1 on round 1, 2 on round 2, and 3 on round 3).

As with any ritual, additional people can assist the caster, but anyone who assists the caster will take full damage as the caster chants the Dark Speech.

Additionally, an Arcana check that is less than 15 implies that the caster was unable to control the dark powers at their command. Not only does the spell fail in this case, but the caster also takes 5d6 points of fire damage.

Words of Corruption

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