Words of the Hive Mind

Level 8 Ritual (Arcana)

The words of the Dark Speech can cause animals and vermin to think and act as one, under the influence of the Dark Ones.

Time: 10 minutes

Duration: (see below)

Component Cost: 200gp

Key Skill: Arcana

Using the Dark Speech, the caster can channel the Dark Energies of the Abyss to create an intelligent Swarm (i.e., one with a Hive Mind) from an appropriate number (e.g., a hive of bees, a nest of rats, a murder of crows, etc.) of creatures of small or smaller size.

Alternately, the caster can bestow a Hive Mind upon a preexisting Swarm.

Once the Hive Mind is created, the caster can speak to it using the Dark Speech and it will comprehend and respond to the master’s words. The caster can make an Intimidate check to force the Hive Mind to obey its orders, although the Hive Mind is of limited intelligence (Base Creature’s Intelligence + 2).

Words of the Hive Mind

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