Xander Chapter 1 Epilogue

After the battle with Ivoxam’s other worldly army Xander felt increasingly distraught over his recent actions. Even the happiness he had gained from the return of his previously deceased parents and the chance to fight side by side with them were of little comfort in the weeks after the battle. He tried to distract himself with the rebuilding of Il Mendrash and helping the people there, but he was always distant during his duties. He remembered the discussion with the ghostly disembodied visage of Maldora’s father and it made Xander question the methods of his camp. The devastating destruction and resulting other worldly presence caused by The Fatebearer weighed heavy on his heart and mind…and these things only solidified the words that were spoken by Abelard Fatebearer.

Xander knew the goal was similar in all his comrades but the paths to that goal were different, one was lined with blood and devastation…the other lead a more peaceful approach. So Xander left Il Mendrash, volunteering to scout and access the devastation from the last weapon attack, as well as assist in preventing the spread of those demonic creatures to the out lying inhabited areas. He felt this work would clear his head and heart. He took a small team and once there he noted the damage was worse than he could have imagined and it only made his feelings worse. Regardless of the damage they got to work. The base would go months without seeing him. He would show up at night to restock on supplies and then head out again by the following morning. Each time he came back the supply manager noticed his demeanor changed…he looked more gruff, more serious and less like his normal self. He developed the passion of a zealot, and felt it was his duty to clear the destruction and hunt the demonic beings that came from the blast sites.

Then one day, months later, his body was found by a team of scouts led by his mother, Isabel. Battered, bruised, stripped of his belongings and left for dead…luckily for him, the Aelarin family weren’t easily killed. Back at Il Mendrash he was being healed, but not without some problems. Xander arrived with a Black Mist surrounding him and it could not be removed, everyone thought this was generated from being too close to the blast site…much like their scout before the battle. Xander told the others that while he was successful in attempting to clear the world of the atrocities created by the Fatebearer he also attempted to infiltrate the temple at Queensport. While attempting to leave after infiltration of the temple he was caught by close followers of Ivoxam and made an example of. Beaten, left for dead and thrown into a tree on the far outskirts of Il Mendrash. It didn’t work, this fueled more reasons to use the Fatebearer, but Xander still pushed that ignorant as they were they were still innocent and should be given a chance to change allegiance once the olds gods are revived and they see the error of their ways. He saw the destruction the Fatebearer caused and felt it caused more harm than good, and that there had to be another way, and vowed to find it. The others would not budge in their determination to continue as planned and use the Fatebearer to free the old gods, like what was done with Il Mendrash. The next day, after this heated debate, Xander was gone. No words spoken and no letter left. His parents stated that the night before it seemed he was adamant that he would find another way to free the old gods from their prisons. They felt that his determination would lead him to find the answer, even if it lead to death.

The last person to see him was the equipment manager. He said that Xander got his usuals and walked off toward the ruins of Thor’s Point, once out of sight and he was never seen again.

By the following morning after Xander’s disappearance, when the morning shifts were replacing the night shifts, it was noticed by the guards that the Fatebearer was gone. No tracks, no marks…just gone.

Xander Chapter 1 Epilogue

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