Xyron is a rocky, mountainous region in the southeastern portion of the Western Continent. Xyron is primarily a nation of Ulrachians, although a substantial number of dark elves live in there as well.

Xyron has traditionally been ruled by an oligarchy they call The Tribunal. The members of The Tribunal have absolute power in their realm, as well as standing armies. The members of The Tribunal often work together to pursue their dark goals. The current members of The Tribunal are:

Alistrina the Terrible. Alistrina is a dark elf of terrible power. She wields both arcane and divine magic and is said to have developed a way by which feelings and sensations may be siphoned from a living creature and consumed.

Ziloch Elfbleeder. Ziloch is an Ulrachian. A master swordsman with an undying vendetta against West Zanthia and its damned Queen. Ziloch’s realm suffered most when the Zanthian Empire spread onto the Western Continent and he has not forgotten. Ziloch’s most boasted accomplishment is that he once slew two dragons with a single swing of his sword: Stros M’Kai.

Habius Nightshade. Habius is also an Ulrachian. He is a master thief, spy, and gatherer of intelligence. How he was captured by West Zanthia is a mystery. Why he hasn’t escaped is also a mystery. Most things about Habius (sometimes called The Nightshade) are pretty mysterious, actually. One thing is certain, however: his absence is crippling Xyron’s ability to accomplish anything, for Habius was also the diplomat of The Tribunal. Without him, Alistrina and Ziloch constantly battle, trying to prove the power of might or magic.


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