Zachariah Aelarin

Xachariah Aelarin

Zachariah is the elder brother of Xander Drake Aelarin, and not proud of it. A politician by nature, he carries himself like he knows everyting, and everyone else is stupid. He is rather young, only 23 years of age and is a tall slender half-elf, with dirty blond hair. He is also a member of the guard, although his duties tend to be more diplomatic. He always brings his cohorts with him on his tasks, even when ordered not to. Zacharaiah is a great swordsman but prefers to keep is distance. He lets his friends be the muscle, where as he is the brain. Jealous of his brothers new accomplishments, he is thinking about leaving Thors Point to a place that is suitable for his talents. One that is much bigger and with more power.

Zachariah is the eldest son of Drake Aelarin, Captian of the Guard in Thors Point. He is a very self centered individual, that would have much rather been an only child. Even though he is only two years older than his brother, Xander, they never seemed to get along, and still don’t. For all intents and purposes, Zachariah is a brown-noser, who wants to get his way. Always trying to be perfect, ratting out those who want to have fun, and always critiquing the work of others. He is a loner and doesn’t have many friends, but the few he has are loyal to his beliefs and cruel to boot.

He is a member of the guard, with excellent skill with a sword, but would rather not risk getting hurt so he does more diplomatic duties. Zachariah would rather go into politics, and show people how a true ruler should act. He has the true makings of a tyrant, and not a kind one. Zachariah follows Lord Samael around Thors Point, attemping to assist him on how to run the town. He is always disapproving of his families fun and free lifestyle.

“Galavanting with mother and father through the mines and hills, what what waste little brother. Why don’t you do something meaningful with your life, like shovel s—- from the stalls. That seems more suitable for your… “talents”.
-Zachariah Aelarin

Ever since his brother started his training with Drake Aelarin, Zachariah has become more distant from his family. His efforts to demean his family in the eyes of the town are not working. The townspeople are beginning to dispise Zachariah and his constant badgering. He is also becoming increasingly jealous of his brothers new accomplishments, feeling that he should be the one to represent Thors Point in the The Tournament.

“That should have been me…I’m smarter and have more talent. I can’t believe Samael choose that little welp, all he does is cause trouble. You’ll see…he’ll mess things up and eveyone will run to me and say…’Oh Zachariah, why did we ever choose your brother, you were the more obvious choice.”
-Zachariah Aelarin to his friends.

Zachariah constantly challenges his brothers skill with a sword, but backs down at the last minute with some emergency duty he must attend to. Although he hasn’t left yet, Zachariah feels his talents are more suitable in a bigger city. Working for a more higher official, one with more power. Maybe he’ll do Thors Point a favor and leave.

Zachariah Aelarin

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